Alive and Well


Insol Mia Skin, Kibitz necklace & Rings, Tableau Vivant Alexa, Catwa Kimberly Head & Eyes


Cheeky Fringe Jacket , Candydoll Jumpsuit, Tableau Vivant Alexa Hair




CheekyFringe Jacket , Candydoll Jumpsuit, Tableau Vivant Hair, Insol Skin, Catwa Head

PhotoShoot Location : Virtual Decay

Kibitz // Rae Necklace & Rings // Gold @ Kustom 9

Le Primitif // Valeska Studded Bracelet Set @ Fameshed

Tableau Vivant // Alexa // Naturals I @  Project Se7en

Phedora // Jackie heels // I can’t remember where I bought these // Bad, Bad Blogger ^^

CandyDoll // Lorena Jumpsuit // Nude @ Fameshed

Catwa // Bento Head Kimberly // Mesh Eyes

Maitreya // Lara Mesh Body 4.0

Cheeky // Patty Fringe Jacket // Tan

Insol // Mia Skin // Creme

The Skinnery Toffee Crochet Bikini Kunst Joint and Holder

14 Days, 7 Bikinis, 7 Shades of Skinnery

OK. Guys. I got soooooo sidetracked!!! I blame it on Tropical Summer Fair (that closes tomorrow ^^), the Arcade (OMG I get totally distracted b y the Arcade, it’s terrible, bad, bad gachaholic) and alllll the bikini makers on SL :D. So… I went to the Tropical Summer Fair, and then I went to the Arcade, and then I went to all the events and then I decided I had enough bikinis for a week worth of beach looks, and then I started experimenting different tons of skins, then everything became a blur and here I am, two weeks, seven bikinis, seven skins later… Still alive and apparently back in business. So here comes my little  collection of beach bums. Enjoy 🙂


Day 1 Champagne, Mon Cheri, Birdy

The Skinnery Champagne Mon Cheri Vegas Bikini

The Skinnery Champagne Mon Cheri Vegas Bikini


Birdy Boho // Headdress // Pink @ The Arcade

LeLutka Mesh Head // STELLA 1.6

Lamb. Only Shallow // Pack 3 // RARE @ The Arcade

Maitreya Mesh Body // LARA

*MC* Vegas Bikini // Pink @ TSF Until June 17th

Slink  Hands // Gesture

[theSkinnery] Dunya // LeLutka Applier // champagne

.tsg. Nails // Heart Tips

(Yummy) Simple Chains // Gold @ C88


Day 2 Honey, Mon Cheri, TKW

The Skinnery Honey Mon Cheri Goddess Bikini

The Skinnery Honey Mon Cheri Goddess Bikini


IKON Triumph Eyes – Oxidation

#5 MC.Bikini Bottom // Goddess @ The ARCADE
#9 MC.Necklace // Goddess
#13 MC.Bracelets // Goddess
#17 MC.Cuffs // Goddess
#21 MC.Tattoo // Gold

[theSkinnery] Nana (Omega Mesh Head Applier) // honey

*TKW* Talvikki Browns


Day 3 Toffee, Kunst, TKW

The Skinnery Toffee Crochet Bikini Kunst Joint and Holder

The Skinnery Toffee American Beauty Crochet Halter Bikini Kunst Joint and Holder


American Beauty– Crochet Halter Bikini Top Nude // Maitreya @ TCF


IKON Triumph Eyes // Oxidation

[ kunst ] – Joint & holder (V2) @  TSF Until June 17th

[theSkinnery] Nana (Omega Mesh Head Applier) // toffee

*TKW* Aija


Day 4 Mocca, Foxes, Karishma

The Skinnery Mocca Foxes Luxe Box Bikini

The Skinnery Mocca Foxes Luxe Box Tassel Kini


.a. Karishma . Earrings {Gold} @ The Arcade
.a. Karishma . Long Necklace {Silver}

Catwa Head Alice

Foxes  Tassle Kinis // Luxe Box June

IKON Triumph Eyes // Blue

Izzie’s  Assorted Beads Bracelet

Lamb. Only Shallow // Pack 3 // RARE @ The Arcade

[theSkinnery] Maddie (Catwa Applier) // mocca


Day 5 Brownie, Foxes, Zaara

The Skinnery Brownie Foxes Bikini C88 Zaara Coverup

The Skinnery Brownie Foxes Ibiza Bikini  Zaara Cover-up


Foxes  Ibiza // Bikini // Yellow @ C88

IKON Triumph Eyes // Blue

[ kunst ]  Allegiant bracelet @ TSF

[monso] My Hair // Kai // Black Brown @ TMD

[theSkinnery] Magali (Catwa Applier) // brownie @ C88

Zaara : Reva cover-up (maitreya) *turquoise-gold* C88



Day 6 Ebony, Dead Dollz, Lagyo

The Skinnery Ebony Dead Dollz Orange Bikini

The Skinnery Ebony Dead Dollz Dune Bikini


#187# Summer Beach Bag @ TSF

.::Dead Dollz::. Dune Bikini // Orange


IKON Sovereign Eyes // Chocolate

LaGyo // Cora Little Earrings // Gold
LaGyo // Cora Statement Necklace // Gold

[theSkinnery] Magali (Catwa Applier) // ebony @ C88

.tsg. Nails – Paradise


Day 7 Onyx, Emotions, Erratic


The Skinnery Onyx Erratic Color Block Pink Bikini


CATWA HEAD Nicki [Static Head]

erratic / kira – bikini / pink colorblock (maitreya) @ C88

LUXE. Multi-Cross Bangles Gold @ TLC


[theSkinnery] Sienna (Catwa Applier) // onyx

faerie, blue, butterflies, forest

Blue Dream: Spring Spirit of the Forest


Pose 31 of 141- Apple Spice - Gown Pose 013_001 1

Blue Dream: Spring Spirit of the Forest


Pose 47 of 141- Frozen Shoe Pose 03_001 1

Blue Dream: Spring Spirit of the Forest


Lost Unicorn, A Unicorn Forest Sanctuary, Faerie Tale

You may encounter this beautiful spirit if you enter the forest deep enough during the last days of spring, just before the summer. She makes a short appearance every year, and if she is so inclined, she dances around, blowing butterflies here, arranging a few flowers there… all the pretty things you can see in the forest during the summer are there thanks to her kind, happy, generous heart.

She is usually a pretty happy spirit and does all those things very spontaneously, it is like a painting for her, she just flutters around and makes things beautiful because it is what she likes to do. She was born in a forest lake, which is why she is always dressed in blue. She may live in the forest, but the water is her element.

That is why she is always wrapped in a cloud of mist and surrounded by myriads of tiny drops of water that look like golden beads. When she is roaming around, working on her masterpiece, all the plants, the trees, the moss, everything turns into a luscious green after having been sprinkled by her happy blue trail of love.



Lost Unicorn, A Unicorn Forest Sanctuary, Faerie Tale
( ❤ Very pretty enchanted forest with free to join group rezz perm ❤ )


Cole’s Corner Dreamy Dandelions

Kibitz  Melody head jewel // gold @ Enchantment May

LODE Headwear // Fleur d’hiver // blue (Old Gacha)

[Ladies Who Lunch] Lavender & Bluebell Butterflies (Gacha)

Meva Net Collar Roses // Pastel @ SHINY SHABBY May

+Spellbound+ Faerie Queen // Chapter I : Earth @ Enchantment May

VRSION Konvert // Gown // Fitted Mesh // Dark Blue @ Tres Chic May


{anc} Mist Cloud & Nebra Beads // Sungold



Catwa Head Alice

IKON Triumph Eyes // Blue

L’Etre Skin Shop // Cintia Skin // Golden Tone

Maitreya Mesh Body // Lara


Apple Spice  Gown Pose 013

Frozen Shoe Pose 03

Petite Mort, Playsuit, Vintage, Pinup Leopard, Elephant,Second Life, SL, Fashion, 1950's, Jayne Mansfield, Blonde

1950’s Mansfield Vintage Pin Up Playsuit


Snapshot_365 1-min

Petite Mort Hibiscus Mansfield Vintage Playsuit


Fruit Islands, Tropical Forest


Petite Mort, Playsuit, Vintage, Pinup Leopard, Elephant,Second Life, SL, Fashion, 1950's, Jayne Mansfield, Blonde

Petite Mort Leopard Mansfield Vintage Playsuit




Snapshot_357 1-min

Petite Mort Tattoo Mansfield Vintage Playsuit



Petite Mort Mansfield Vintage Playsuit will be available as an exclusive for the Tropical Summer Fair June 3rd-17th, along with many other original items that will help make your summer hot, sexy, fashionable, unforgettable ;). The catalog and event location will be on Seraphim as soon as the event starts.

Petite Mort’s playsuit is inspired by the famous beautiful curvaceous 50’s-60’s platinum blonde pin up model and actress Jayne Mansfield. These suits were worn at the beach or on a poolside during the summer, but as you can see from my pictures you can also wear them in the jungle, at the zoo, in space, at the carwash or wherever you decide to take them :).

This playsuit was a joy to blog. I really had fun researching the life and character of Jayne Mansfield, then trying to pimp my avatar until it looked like her, and then taking her on adventures, making her smoke, and just spending time watching her be a pin up… yes, I do spend some time looking at my avatar :D. I love the textures, the fun patterns and it definitely has a sexy retro pin up feeling to it. It will be available in 10 delicious colors and patterns. June 3rd-17th. Can’t wait for the Tropical Summer Fair!





Fruit Islands, Tropical Forest


/artilleri/ Hibi hair flower // pink

[Avenge] Crystal Mules // gold

[NikotiN] Cigarette Classic V4

Petite Mort Mansfield Vintage Playsuit @ Tropical Summer Fair  June 3rd-18th 


IKON Odyssey Eyes // Coffee

LeLutka Mesh Head-Stella 1.6

Maitreya Mesh Body // Lara

Rezology // May Rose

Slink AvEnhance Feet Female // High

[theSkinnery] Dunya // LeLutka Applier // champagne
[theSkinnery] Matte Lip Potion // LeLutka Applier

Blooming in a Lovely White Lace Dress

Snapshot_290 1

Snapshot_301 1

Snapshot_302 1

Snapshot_303 1

Lea’s life has become like a dream come true since she has started modelling. She gets to be the centre of attention, to travel to the most beautiful places and wear the prettiest clothes, shoes and accessories. She loves it! For today’s photo shoot the team and her went to a little piece of paradise called The Yorkshire Dales. It is a little village, a very pretty flowery place, with a happy feeling to it.

The sun is out, the breeze softly warm, which is great to feature the outfit of the day including a gorgeous little white lace dress that really feels wonderfully springy, pretty, light and sexy, and is enhanced by fabulous and fashionable pewter leather and wood clogs, a statement witchy necklace made of stone and wood that reminds of the colours and materials of the shoes, as well as a great hat that could have belonged to a ship captain. It came in several colours but she picked white to match the dress, and it does the trick, she looks adorable in her springy pure white clothes, a bit like an angel.

The photos are coming out nicely and everyone is relaxed and enjoying a great day in the countryside. It is like a holiday. While sitting, smiling and just being pretty, Lea’s mind wanders and she is thinking that if this is work, then she might become a workaholic. It is just so much fun posing, wandering around in fabulous outfits and having the men’s undivided attention, she feels like she could definitely get used to this lifestyle.


Location: The Yorkshire Dales


The Dress: Petite Mort – White Jasmine Dress for Women Only Hunt June 1-18


The Outfit:

::C’est la vie !::  Flavie Hat

fri. – Harper Clogs // Pewter @ SHINY SHABBY

Moon Elixir Luna Necklace @ The Secret Affair

Petite Mort  White Jasmine Dress for Women Only Hunt June 1-18

.The Sugar Garden. Nails // Silver Glitter Gradient

[MANDALA] Pearl// Rain // Season 3 White Earring




IKON Sovereign Eyes // Ghost

Maitreya Mesh Body // LARA

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female // Gesture

[theSkinnery] Nana // Omega Mesh Head Applier // Honey

*TUKINOWAGUMA* Lenka // Blondes


Snapshot_322 1

Snapshot_338 1

Snapshot_326 1

Snapshot_340 1

Hi guys!

Today I will let an extremely talented artist speak, or more accurately sing for me. First of all, because I’m a bit lazy ^^, then because he’s so good at expressing it , awesome to listen to, more than pleasant to look at 😉 and  last but not least because this post is all about FREEDOM.

Why Freedom? Let’s just say that I have made an attempt to apply for a sponsor I did not really love, and I struggled to make a post because I was not able to be true to myself and I felt stuck and miserable. I gave up, did not do the post, made the decision not to apply, and then I made this post with an absolutely delicious feeling of FREEDOM.

So let’s celebrate and sing and dance and listen to a wonderful song that brings love for life, joy to the heart and tears to the eyes. Ladies and Gents, I give you Pharrell, FREEDOM!


Whole Wheat Landscape & Creations (1st Floor Photo Sets)



fri. // Harper.Clogs (Pewter) @ SHINY SHABBY

Meva // Daisy Bangle & Rings @ ENCHANTMENT

TETRA // Leather Jacket with Hoodie (Brown) @ UBER

The Pose Shop // Flower Crown // multicolor @ ENCHANTMENT

The Sugar Garden // Nails // Rose Gold Nude

-tres blah- // Revival Denim Skirt // Faded



Catwa Head // Alice

IKON // Triumph Eyes // Oxidation

Maitreya Mesh Body // Lara

[theSkinnery] // Nana (Omega Mesh Head Applier) // Toffee

Slink Hands // Gesture

/Wasabi Pills/ Rowan Mesh Hair // Basics @ UBER

Heads Or Tails ?

Snapshot_314 1

Snapshot_308 1

Snapshot_317 1

Snapshot_310 1

Snapshot_309 1


Lea had a strange dream. She was on  stage in an odd theater that had no roof and no walls but it had a wonderful ancient wooden staircase that lead nowhere. She was on top of the stairs and she did not want to go back down so she had nowhere to go, then she realized she was all dressed up. She was wearing a short black dress with an open back, a jewelry set of pearls including a necklace that was short in the front and like a river of pearls in her back; it was gorgeous. And she had this extraordinary up-do and very high wood and leather platform shoes. The whole outfit gave her a sensation of self confidence, elegance and sensuality. She started posing for the invisible cameras. She could not see them, but she could hear their shutters, so she knew they were there and she kept posing, sometimes turning her back playfully like in a game of heads or tails.



*AvaWay* SOPHIE Jewelry Set // White @ Cosmopolitan

Kaithleen’s Beaded Cocktail Dress // Black @ Cosmopolitan

{Letituier} Audrey Hair // Fatpack // Medium Brown @ Cosmopolitan

Phedora. Cyrce Platforms @ Cosmopolitan



DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Gaby” European @ Cosmopolitan

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Eyeshadow” silver

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Lipgloss” 2 in 1

DeeTaleZ Mesh beauty mole

IKON Triumph Eyes // Dusk

Maitreya Mesh Body // Lara

Slink Hands // Gesture