In the Gardens of Martyrium






Again, I had a very cool photographic experience around the Martyrium build from +SEMPITERNAL by %anxiety. 

When I decided to make a post featuring Martyrium, it seemed pretty fast forward at first. Then I rezzed it and quickly realized that this was going to be challenging. I was going to have to create an environment for it. At first I thought maybe something very cold and formal. Or hot, kind of lost in the desert or something :D. But I didn’t like any of those. Then I pulled a tree out of my hat (you can never go wrong with a tree). Another. Grass. More trees. Flowers. Butterflies. Sunny bubbles. A joyous, bucolic, tender, happy, and peaceful garden was born. Martyrium looked so nice in it. It felt like home. Then I had to be a pretty summer flower too. Finally the rewarding part where I got to pose and shoot feeling pretty, fresh and playful in my little Martyrium garden world. I took a few pictures inside but really couldn’t stay too long because I felt too claustrophobic. Now the question: is this thing straight or is it not ? I’d say it depends on the pictures… or it moves around 😀

In the end, another beautiful SL photo adventure with %anxiety 🙂



Martyrium +Sempiternal+ by %anxiety



*alirium*  hazy butterfly, nanohana, Oberon [LightGreen], yoshino

+Half-Deer+ English Ivy

Garden- by anc “harugasumi” SAKURAtree

Heart Garden Center Harmony Meadows: Buffalo Grass, Common Rush,  Daisies & Wild Poppies

HPMD* Bright Particle




CATWA HEAD Kimberly v3.0

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Insol Mia Creme Skin

.Entwined. Alison Hair



Vinyl – Frankie Dress

LaGyo Lotus Hat – Red & Owl earrings Gold

Bauhaus Movement – Bella Bracelet

Kibitz – Rae rings maitreya & Rae gold necklace

(Yummy) Lace Bangle


Poses by Bauhaus Movement



Eden Stone Crush

“All great and precious things are lonely.”
—  John Steinbeck, East of Eden

2 at the core dark

5 f*ck the mainstream 05 walk with me

4 at the core light

6 bauhaus movement - firenze suspended sharpness


I recently adopted two wonderful babies. They are called + Sempiternal Eden Stone Light and + Sempiternal Eden Stone Dark by % anxiety. They are insanely awesome.
I was in the % anxiety store, browsing for the next toy. And then I saw them. It was love at first sight. Sempiternal Eden Stone. For days I would find myself at the store when logging in. And I would go back to the demo again. Dilemma: The Light or the Dark? I bought the Dark. Rezzed it and immediately went to get the Light. Of course. I had to have them both. They are one and they are two.
This set is one of the most exquisite things I have seen in my whole ten years of Second Life. I just spent a few days playing in them, shooting, exploring, experimenting, trying to figure things out, discovering the lights, the symmetry that isn’t one, the sick geometry, the possible angles, the refined and intricate roof lines, the gothicity of the whole thing, the refinement of the beige and gold, the rawness of the reds and darks. They are mazes, labyrinths…
I am in awe, head over heels in love with these two marvels. I also find them exquisitely bipolar. Fear and peace. Light and Darkness. Oppression and Relief. So many more dualities than I can count. It’s vertiginous. The photo possibilities are endless. Behind each corner, beauty.
This just blew my mind.Thank you % anxiety guys. Seriously. I had a blast.


*Lea Rage*




.Skyboxes, Lighting and Poses

+SEMPITERNAL+ [Stone Eden] DARK  &  LIGHT by % anxiety

Lumipro Professional Photography Tool for lighting and poses

Bauhaus Movement Poses



Catwa Head Kimberly

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Insol Inessa Catwa # milk tone Skin

Hair .Entwined. Jana / Vivids

-SU- Luminous Eyes 06




Addams // Sienna Ripped Short // Dark Grey

Vinyl Moko Club Dress – Black & Stirling SLeeves – Grey

(NO) Ripped Up Stockings

[BREATHE]-Kendra Heels- Black


.Make Up

.Identity. Body Shop – Heart Beat VI Tattoo

!SU! Alice Lipstick & Hesperia Eyeliner Catwa



!SU! Bento Piercing Set 03

LaGyo Anastas Earrings SET – Black & Zoe Necklace – Black

!SU! Ysabelle Set – Nails – (Maitreya) /04/


She’s Been Following Me All Day

Snapshot_215 1024
milk motion skate the epiphany taikou dusk backdrop
Bauhaus Movement - Elena_001 pimp that pic 1024
milk motion skate taikou dusk backdrop emery ed jeans and Shape of U Top bleich wheelers
Bauhaus Movement - Fade to Black 320 Kbps 03_003 1
emery ed jeans shape of u top clawtooth the epiphany insol candy catwa kimberly


Bleich – Mesh Wheeler – Burgundy F Maitreya Flat

Catwa Head Kimberly, Ears and Rigged Eyes V3.0

Clawtooth: Chloe Essentials Exclusive Prize @ The Epiphany

Emery Ed Jeans Oxide for Maitreya Body Lara
Emery Shape of U Top Red for Maitreya Body Lara @ Fameshed

Insol Candy Copper / Skin applier for Catwa

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

(Milk Motion) skateboard yellow @ The Epiphany

taikou / dusk backdrop with materials

My Precious Doll


Bauhaus Movement - The Way You Like It 50_002 FL L
%anxiety, muka, birdy, breathe, canimal, plastik dolle, clawtooth, lagyo, catacomb


Backdrop anxiety % catacomb

Pose The Way You Like It 50 Bauhaus Movement

Lights Lumipro


Canimal Plastik Dolle Tattoo Rare & Dress Black @ The Epiphany

*MUKA* Burlesque Bows & Thigh Socks

Clawtooth: Marie – Blondes W/Roots Pack @ The Epiphany

LaGyo Giselle Headpiece w Veil – Midnight @ Collabor88

[BREATHE]-Elena Heels-M.LARA-Black

Fishnet Villena

Birdy Hocus Pocus – WhiteBat, Black Bat & Mr. Bigglesworth Black

Catwa Head Kimberly

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V4.1

Lost in translation

Feeling Oddly Out of Place
Izzie’s Yonder Eyes & Sparkle Make Up Bauhaus Movement Gritty Beats_//-No Relief TruthRumor Catwa Kimberly Insol Mia


damn!!_001 1
Truth Rumor Bauhaus Movement Damn!! Foxes Kendall Astralia nails Speakeasy Gloomy Tattoo


zelda 5_002 1
Phedora Enny Heels The Epiphany Foxes Kendall elevator taikou



Poses Bauhaus Movement

Taikou Morning Tokyo Elevator Backdrop

Lights Lumipro


Foxes – Kendall – Bodysuit Full – White @ The Epiphany
Foxes – Kendall – Choker HUDDED @ The Epiphany

Phedora ~ Enny heels Maitreya ~ white @ The Epiphany

*MUKA* Armbands Love

Astralia – Compatible nails system (Coffin/Maitreya)

TRUTH / Rumor

Izzie’s Sparkle Make Up @ The Epiphany
Izzie’s Yonder eyes Catwa Appliers

Speakeasy Gloomy Tattoo


Catwa Head Kimberly, Ears and Rigged Eyes V3.0

Insol Mia Creme / freckles Skin applier for Catwa

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara


Who’s the Brightest Bird in the Forest?


Izzie's Sparkle
Close Up Izzie’s Sparkle Make Up @ The Epiphany
fashionista til the end of the jungle
Fruit Islands Tropical Forest, Petite Mort, Tres Blah
Feeling Queenish
exile lagyo insol catwa maitreya tres blah

Location: Fruits Islands Tropical Forest

Poses Bauhaus Movement


Tres Blah – Elle Kimono (Maitreya) – Blush @ C88

Petite Mort – Darkwash Distressed Skinny Jeans Maitreya

LaGyo Giselle statement necklace – Five
LaGyo Isabeli Earrings – Amazon

Exile:: Slow Dancing (BENTO) & Flower @ C88

Maxi Gossamer Boho Bangles Laquered Pink and Silver

Izzie’s Sparkle Make Up Pink, Lipstick Regular Colors @ The Epiphany
Izzie’s Yonder Eyes Applier for Catwa Eyes

Catwa Head Kimberly, Ears and Rigged Eyes V3.0

Insol Mia Creme / freckles Skin applier for Catwa

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V4.1


Fire of the Night

Snapshot_162 1
Kibitz, Gothiam, Tentacio, Children of Diana, %anxiety, prayer, the epiphany, gacha
Snapshot_154 1
Kibitz, Gothiam, Tentacio, Children of Diana, %anxiety, prayer, the epiphany, gacha


Backdrop %anxiety Prayer Epiphany EXCLUSIVE @ The Epiphany

Poses Bauhaus Movement

Lights Lumipro

Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Children of Diana @ The Epiphany
Deer body & Hud RARE
Deer Fur Black

Nova – Kibitz – Gothiam @ The Epiphany
Gothiam crown – ULTRA RARE
Gothiam strange collar – silver Epiphany EXCLUSIVE
Gothiam top – onyx RARE
Arm bands – black – gold
Bindi – black – gold
Wrist cuffs – black – gold

Izzie’s Sparkle Eyes &Make up @ The Epiphany

.Olive. the Katie Hair RARE @ The Epiphany

Catwa Head Kimberly, Ears and Rigged Eyes V3.0

Insol Mia Creme Skin applier for Catwa

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara


Light of the Day

the epiphany, oubliette, snow, children of diana, lost unicorn forest
the epiphany, snow, magical being, white, children of diana, lost unicorn forest


Happy Epiphany!



Location Lost Unicorn Forest, Faerie Tale

Poses Bauhaus Movement

Lights Lumipro

Catwa Head Kimberly, Ears and Rigged Eyes V3.0

Insol Mia Copper Skin applier for Catwa

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Izzie’s – Catwa Sparkle @ The Epiphany
Eye Make-Up (metals) Rare
Lipstick Regular Colors

Clawtooth: Marie – Essentials Pack @ The Epiphany

Oubliette – Essential Lace Bralette Maitreya

Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Children of Diana @ The Epiphany

deer body

flower horns, deer fur white, elephant necklace white


Grunge Passion

Snapshot_119 1
Anxiety Devil Backdrop Villena Outfit
Snapshot_134 1
Villena Laced Up Ripped Shorts V Top
Snapshot_135 1
Truth Hair Teanna Villena V Top Kimberly Head Insol Mia Copper


Poses Bauhaus Movement

Lights Lumipro

Backdrop devil by anxiety


.:villena:. – (Maitreya) Laced Up Ripped Shorts – Black

.:villena:. – (Maitreya) V top – Black

[The Forge] Morgan Cigarette Epiphany Exclusive Prize

{Livalle} Chyna -Lace up Platform Boot- (Maitreya)

(NO) Ripped Up Stockings


Truth Hair Teanna January VIP Group

Catwa Head Kimberly, Ears and Rigged Eyes V3.0

Insol Mia Copper Skin applier for Catwa

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara & Bento Hands

Izzie’s – Winter Eyes Darks Appliers for Catwa

Izzie’s – Catwa Sparkle Eye Make-Up (metals) Rare @ Epiphany


A Beautiful Day in Snefnug

Snapshot_081 2
Felted Wool Jacket Skinny Jeans Petite Mort Snefnug Snow
Snapshot_093 2
Catwa Kimberly Insol Mia Winter Scarf Argrace 


took lea to snefnug • long walk in the snow • wandered around • wonderland paradise •  enjoyed the peace and quiet • so quiet I could hear her steps in the crackling frozen snow • the sun was out • everything was so crisp and neat • it was BEAUTIFUL • even  took a few pictures 🙂 •

lea was warm and cozy • beloved super comfy felted wool jacket from thrift shop • favorite old jeans  • sheepskin boots • wool gloves • big chunky wool  scarf • wool • wool • and more wool 😀 •

snefnug • * snow flake *

• credits •

Petite Mort • Olive Felted Wool Jacket

Petite Mort  • Darkwash Distressed Skinny Jeans

Reign • Palia Boots for Maitreya @ Collabor88

Argrace • Winter Scarf

Muka  • Winter Gloves Light

Truth Hair • Imani

Catwa • Head Kimberly • Ears • Rigged Eyes V3.0

Insol • Mia Copper Skin applier for Catwa

Insol • Candy frosty blush for Catwa

Deetalez • Eyeshadow and lip gloss

Maitreya • Mesh Body Lara V4.1




Nothing Like a Stroll to Clear Your Mind



Location: Yorkshire ( very very beautiful )

(fd) Boyfriend Jeans – Light LARA
(fd) Deep V Sweater – Navy LARA

Kibitz — Rae — Necklace Gold

TRUTH / Ginevra with Headband


Insol Skin Mia Copper Applier for Catwa

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, BENTO HANDS, FEET V4.1

Calmer Now

Bauhaus Movement - Mannequin 34_010 1024px


Backdrop anxiety% eleven

Pose Bauhaus Movement – Mannequin 34


Shoes Empire– Alchemilla

Violent Seduction – Harmonia Bra & Panties (Monochrome)

LaGyo_Aven Earrings – Nude

Jian Cheeky Chihuahuas 4. White Companion @ The Arcade

Catwa Head Kimberly

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, Feet and Bento Hands

Truth / Imani

.Identity. Body Shop – Rise Again Tattoo

Insol Mia Skin for Catwa – Creme


Emergency Room

Bauhaus Movement - F*ck The Mainstream 05_001 1024px


Backdrop %anxiety Vibe

Pose Bauhaus Movement F*ck the Mainstream 05

[NANI] Kiran.Hair and Hands

-Pixicat- Janis.Bootcut Jeans – BlueFaded (Maitreya)

Violent Seduction – Harmonia Bra (Monochrome)

.Identity. Body Shop – Rise Again

Izzie’s Yonder Eyes Applier

.ARISE. Zila Eyeshadow / 2

Lipstick DeeTaleZ *Appliers* Catwa “Natural Beauty MU”


Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Insol Mia Skin for Catwa – Creme

Custom Shape for Lara by La Belle Ingenue



Sweet Barbarella

Bauhaus Movement - Nikki N._001 1
Pose Bauhaus Movement Nikki N., La Belle Ingenue, Barbarella


Bauhaus Movement - Pretty Fae_001 1
Pose Bauhaus Movement Pretty Fae, La Belle Ingenue, Barbarella


Snapshot_502 1
Posing with my Favorite Designer ^^, La Belle Ingenue, Barbarella



Location: Hangars Liquides

Lumipro Lights

Poses by Bauhaus Movement



Body Belleza– Freya

Catwa Head Kimberly & Rigged Eyes

Izzie’s Yonder Eyes Applier @ Uber

Skin: Insol Candy Peach

TruthHair Randa



La belle .INGENUE. Barbarella Dress, Boots & Collar B. Freya

.the sugar garden. Invader Princess Raygun

LaGyo_Plastic Hearts Earrings – Pink

Summer Stroll


Bauhaus Movement - Fade to Black 320 Kbps 21_0021024px
Bauhaus Movement – Fade to Black 320 Kbps 21 / La Belle .Ingenue. Eos Top / Lagyo Lotus Hat


Location: Bal Harbour

Pose Bauhaus Movement – Fade to Black 320 Kbps 21

La belle .INGENUE. – Eos top / Maitreya

LaGyo Lotus Hat – Red @ Tropical Summer Fair
LaGyo Morgan Bangles & Necklace Aqua

Blueberry – Grace Pants – Maitreya

Catwa Head Kimberly

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Insol Mia Skin for Catwa – Copper

Custom Shape for Lara by La Belle Ingenue

Lipstick DeeTaleZ Appliers Catwa “Natural Beauty MU”

Magika – Amuse Me (50% Storewide Sale June 2 – 12)

Look at Me

Bauhaus Movement - Xin-X 1_001 2
Pose Bauhaus Movement Xin-X 1


Bauhaus Movement - The Way You Like It 08_002 2
Pose Bauhaus Movement The Way You Like It 08


Poses Bauhaus Movement

Backdrop %anxiety nightvision

Body Belleza– Freya

Catwa Head Kimberly, Ears, Eyes

Izzie’s Yonder Eyes Applier NEW @ Uber

Custom Shape for Freya by La Belle .ingenue.

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Alana” Amazing pack

La belle .ingenue. – Lea Bodycon / Freya NEW

La belle .ingenue. – Denim Thigh High Peep Toe Boots / Freya NEW
LaGyo Antonia Marble Cuff,Marble Round Bangle and Pendant earrings – Gold

.Identity. Body Shop Tattoo – Mystical Being


Pink’s Not Dead!

Bauhaus Movement - Titty_001 2
Pose Bauhaus Movement Titty

Bauhaus Movement - Mannequin 26_003 2

Bauhaus Movement - F*ck The Mainstream 03_003 FL
Pose Bauhaus Movement F*ck The Mainstream 03

Backdrop Integer by  % a n x i e t y

Poses by Bauhaus Movement

Lumipro Lighting

La belle .INGENUE. – Maya Denim Mini Skirt / Freya NEW

La belle .INGENUE. – Roxie Tip Toe Ballerinas / Belleza

Vinyl – Sophia Top – Freya

.Identity. Body Shop – “Keep On” Tattoo

LaGyo Owl Earrings
LaGyo Xenya Bangles & Necklace Free Group Gifts!

TRUTH / Imani NEWUber

Body Belleza– Freya

Custom Shape for Freya by La Belle Ingenue

Catwa Head Kimberly, Ears, Eyes

Skin Insol Mia ‘Copper’ for Catwa

Izzie’s Smokey Eyeshadows NEW @ Uber
Izzie’s Yonder Eyes Applier NEW @ Uber

::Modish:: Flutter[Catwa] Lashes -L-

amara beauty Justine Lipstick

Feeling Fresh and New


Bauhaus Movement - Fade to Black 320 Kbps 04_002 2
La belle .ingénue. Bauhaus Movement – Fade to Black 320 Kbps 04


Bauhaus Movement - Patrizia_002 2
La belle .ingénue. Bauhaus Movement – Patrizia


Bauhaus Movement - Cuffs_003 2
La belle .ingénue. Bauhaus Movement – Cuffs


Hi Guys!

So summer is at the door and it is time to start trying on pretty looks for the beach. In this post I am featuring  La belle .ingénue.‘s new Thong  that comes with a Hud with 50!!! textures/patterns/colours and Bralet with a Hud filled with 29 colours/patterns/textures for the cups and 27 colors for the straps. No need to be a mathematician to see that there are literally hundreds of possible combinations. I chose to use them as a bikini but the thong can be used as a pantie as well and the top can also be used as a bra or even as a top. They are sexy, fresh and pretty and the hardest part of this post was to stop playing with the Huds and pick just one combination to showcase 🙂




Lighting Lumipro

Scarlet Creative Alaouite Skybox Prefab

Poses Bauhaus Movement


La belle .ingénue.Chronos bralet [Fatpack] NEW for Maitreya, Slink (Hourglass & Physique) & Belleza (Isis, Freya & Venus)

La belle .ingénue.Sis.Qo Thong NEW for Slink (Hourglass & Physique), Belleza (Freya, Isis & Venus), Maitreya (experimental), TMP, Tonic (Curvy & Fine) and Fitmesh sizes (XL to XS)

LaGyo Isabeli Earrings – Amazon


Body Belleza Freya V2.01

Catwa Head Kimberly, Ears and Eyes

Izzie’s Yonder Eyes Applier NEW @ UBER

Insol Mia Skin for Catwa – Copper

TRUTH / Scout

Custom Shape for Belleza Freya by La belle .ingénue.


Veechi – Monroe Eye Shadow [Catwa] NEW @ UBER

Lipstick  DeeTaleZ *Appliers* Catwa “Natural Beauty MU”

alme. Fizzy – Light Nail Polish


We don’t Always Shoot Trolls…

We Don’t Always Shoot Trolls, But When We Do, We Do It In Style.

Snapshot_467FL 1024.png

Snapshot_476 2.png

Snapshot_479 2.png

BACKGROUND Exit 9b  % a n x i e t y

LIGHTS Lumipro

EDITING Flare2 for Mac

POSES Bauhaus Movement  Patrizia & Fade to Black 320 Kbps 18


LEA (Yellow Dress)

Catwa Head Kimberly v2.15

Insol Mia Skin for Catwa – Creme

IKON Eyes – Triumph Oxidation

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara, Bento Hands & Feet V4.1

Custom Shape La Belle .Ingenue.

Truth Hair Randa

Tattoo .Identity. Body Shop – Brutal Wave

La belle .Ingenue. – Roxie tip toe ballerinas / Maitreya

Super cute, mesh tip toe flat shoes with rock details f. or Maitreya High, Slink High and Belleza high. The ballerinas come with a colour/texture change HUD with a total of 61 options to choose from.

– Maitreya (high feet) size
– Slink (high feet) size
– Belleza (high feet) size

La Belle .Ingenue. – Sunday Maxi sweater – Maitreya

Mesh maxi sweater for Maitreya, Slink Hourglass, Slink Physique and Belleza Isis, Venus and Freya. Can be worn as a mini dress as well. It comes with a texture change HUD with 10 options.

LaGyo Aven Earrings – Red


MANDALENA (Khaki Dress)

Genesis Lab – Sophie bento head & Sophie Skin (Rare Gatchas)

Slink Hourglass Body, High Feet and Hands

Hair : Little bones – Portia

Tattoo .Identity. Body Shop – Brutal Wave

La belle .Ingenue. – Roxie tip toe ballerinas / Maitreya

La Belle .Ingenue. – Sunday Maxi sweater – Maitreya

Muka – collar love

“Come on Baby…”



Light My Fire


Light // Lumipro

Pose Bauhaus Movement Mannequin 21

Background Anxiety%  Cubicle


Shape // Custom Shape // La Belle .ingenue.

Body // Maitreya // Mesh Body, Bento Hands & Feet

Head// Catwa // Head & Eyes Kimberly

Skin // Insol // Mia Creme // Applier for Catwa

Eyes Triumph Ikon Industrial

Hair // Wasabi Pills // Apple @ Ultra

Tattoo // Identity. Body Shop // Rise Again

Make Up // DeeTaleZ Appliers // CATWA Heads // “Natural Beauty”

Lingerie // Foxes // Starry Lingerie // Bra, Panties and Add On // Black @ C88

Bangles and Choker // Garbaggio // Chunky Metal Gold @ Fameshed

Earrings // LaGyo // Heart Earrings

Shoes// [BREATHE] // Chika Heels // Maitreya Lara // Black @ Fameshed

“He Who Kisses Joy…

Snapshot_437 FL.png

“He who kisses joy as it flies by will live in eternity’s sunrise.”

― William Blake

Pose Bauhaus Movement F*ck The Mainstream 01

Catwa Head Kimberly & Rigged Eyes

La belle .ingenue. Custom Bento Shape

Insol Mia Creme Skin Applier for Catwa

Maitreya Mesh Body, Bento Hands, Feet

Truth  Kare (VIP Group Gift May)
La belle .ingenue.  Dylan Denim Shorts Maitreya

tres blah Knotted Raglan (Maitreya) – Cali

Meva  Coins Set Gold

The Pose Shop flower crown // white

La belle .ingenue. is in the House

Sari-Sari - happy01_001
Sari Sari happy 01


Sari-Sari - happy01_002
La belle .ingenue. Deni M. Thigh High Peep Toe Boot


Purple Poses - Gypsy 01_001
Purple Poses Gypsy 01


So, this post is special to me because I am featuring my oldest and best friend in SL’s creation. I have known Mandalena Sivith since 2009. We were actually roommates at the sorority house where we had both landed in our first days of noobiness ^^. We met, sat on a sofa, chatted and soon enough we were shopping around. Mandalena has always had a talent to find creators no one else knows, to put outfits together and look spectacular, and she has been in charge of customizing and fixing my shapes practically since day one. In a nutshell, she has magical powers when it comes to beauty and lots of other things :). Mandalena has wanted to open a store in SL for a long time, and now she did! She is just getting started with Bento shapes, bodysuits, dresses and shoes, including the awesome distressed stretch denim boots I am wearing in this post. And there is much more to come!

I hope everyone will give her a warm welcome by checking out her work:

La belle .ingenue. Marketplace and InWorld stores

Also, she is looking for bloggers, so if you are interested send a notecard with your name and your blog’s url to Mandalena Sivith. Requirements: Your avatar needs to have a mesh body.

♥ ♥ I love you darling mu, you are beautiful, fun, creative, talented, smart and mad as a hatter :D. Keep up the good work! ♥ ♥


Photos taken at WHOLE WHEAT Landscape & Creations.

The poses I used are in the pictures descriptions: Purple Poses & Sari – Sari

Skin Insol Mia for Catwa

Deetalez Natural Make up ( Lipstick & Eyeliner )  Powder Pack for Catwa April

*T.Whore*  // Queen B Fur Coat // White

La belle .ingenue. // Deni M. Thigh High Peep Toe Boots

Blueberry // Distressed Skirts Roma

CATWA HEAD Kimberly v2.15

Maitreya Mesh Body // Bento Hands V4.1
Maitreya Mesh Body // Feet V4.1
Maitreya Mesh Body // Lara V4.1

Tableau Vivant // Alexa// Frizzy chic fitted // Roots // Naturals I

Vinyl // Sophia Top
Vinyl // Sophia Undershirt (Wear With Top)

Alive and Well

Insol Mia Skin, Kibitz necklace & Rings, Tableau Vivant Alexa, Catwa Kimberly Head & Eyes
Cheeky Fringe Jacket , Candydoll Jumpsuit, Tableau Vivant Alexa Hair
CheekyFringe Jacket , Candydoll Jumpsuit, Tableau Vivant Hair, Insol Skin, Catwa Head

PhotoShoot Location : Virtual Decay

Kibitz // Rae Necklace & Rings // Gold @ Kustom 9

Le Primitif // Valeska Studded Bracelet Set @ Fameshed

Tableau Vivant // Alexa // Naturals I @  Project Se7en

Phedora // Jackie heels // I can’t remember where I bought these // Bad, Bad Blogger ^^

CandyDoll // Lorena Jumpsuit // Nude @ Fameshed

Catwa // Bento Head Kimberly // Mesh Eyes

Maitreya // Lara Mesh Body 4.0

Cheeky // Patty Fringe Jacket // Tan

Insol // Mia Skin // Creme

The Skinnery Toffee Crochet Bikini Kunst Joint and Holder

14 Days, 7 Bikinis, 7 Shades of Skinnery

OK. Guys. I got soooooo sidetracked!!! I blame it on Tropical Summer Fair (that closes tomorrow ^^), the Arcade (OMG I get totally distracted b y the Arcade, it’s terrible, bad, bad gachaholic) and alllll the bikini makers on SL :D. So… I went to the Tropical Summer Fair, and then I went to the Arcade, and then I went to all the events and then I decided I had enough bikinis for a week worth of beach looks, and then I started experimenting different tons of skins, then everything became a blur and here I am, two weeks, seven bikinis, seven skins later… Still alive and apparently back in business. So here comes my little  collection of beach bums. Enjoy 🙂


Day 1 Champagne, Mon Cheri, Birdy

The Skinnery Champagne Mon Cheri Vegas Bikini
The Skinnery Champagne Mon Cheri Vegas Bikini


Birdy Boho // Headdress // Pink @ The Arcade

LeLutka Mesh Head // STELLA 1.6

Lamb. Only Shallow // Pack 3 // RARE @ The Arcade

Maitreya Mesh Body // LARA

*MC* Vegas Bikini // Pink @ TSF Until June 17th

Slink  Hands // Gesture

[theSkinnery] Dunya // LeLutka Applier // champagne

.tsg. Nails // Heart Tips

(Yummy) Simple Chains // Gold @ C88


Day 2 Honey, Mon Cheri, TKW

The Skinnery Honey Mon Cheri Goddess Bikini
The Skinnery Honey Mon Cheri Goddess Bikini


IKON Triumph Eyes – Oxidation

#5 MC.Bikini Bottom // Goddess @ The ARCADE
#9 MC.Necklace // Goddess
#13 MC.Bracelets // Goddess
#17 MC.Cuffs // Goddess
#21 MC.Tattoo // Gold

[theSkinnery] Nana (Omega Mesh Head Applier) // honey

*TKW* Talvikki Browns


Day 3 Toffee, Kunst, TKW

The Skinnery Toffee Crochet Bikini Kunst Joint and Holder
The Skinnery Toffee American Beauty Crochet Halter Bikini Kunst Joint and Holder


American Beauty– Crochet Halter Bikini Top Nude // Maitreya @ TCF


IKON Triumph Eyes // Oxidation

[ kunst ] – Joint & holder (V2) @  TSF Until June 17th

[theSkinnery] Nana (Omega Mesh Head Applier) // toffee

*TKW* Aija


Day 4 Mocca, Foxes, Karishma

The Skinnery Mocca Foxes Luxe Box Bikini
The Skinnery Mocca Foxes Luxe Box Tassel Kini


.a. Karishma . Earrings {Gold} @ The Arcade
.a. Karishma . Long Necklace {Silver}

Catwa Head Alice

Foxes  Tassle Kinis // Luxe Box June

IKON Triumph Eyes // Blue

Izzie’s  Assorted Beads Bracelet

Lamb. Only Shallow // Pack 3 // RARE @ The Arcade

[theSkinnery] Maddie (Catwa Applier) // mocca


Day 5 Brownie, Foxes, Zaara

The Skinnery Brownie Foxes Bikini C88 Zaara Coverup
The Skinnery Brownie Foxes Ibiza Bikini  Zaara Cover-up


Foxes  Ibiza // Bikini // Yellow @ C88

IKON Triumph Eyes // Blue

[ kunst ]  Allegiant bracelet @ TSF

[monso] My Hair // Kai // Black Brown @ TMD

[theSkinnery] Magali (Catwa Applier) // brownie @ C88

Zaara : Reva cover-up (maitreya) *turquoise-gold* C88



Day 6 Ebony, Dead Dollz, Lagyo

The Skinnery Ebony Dead Dollz Orange Bikini
The Skinnery Ebony Dead Dollz Dune Bikini


#187# Summer Beach Bag @ TSF

.::Dead Dollz::. Dune Bikini // Orange


IKON Sovereign Eyes // Chocolate

LaGyo // Cora Little Earrings // Gold
LaGyo // Cora Statement Necklace // Gold

[theSkinnery] Magali (Catwa Applier) // ebony @ C88

.tsg. Nails – Paradise


Day 7 Onyx, Emotions, Erratic

The Skinnery Onyx Erratic Color Block Pink Bikini


CATWA HEAD Nicki [Static Head]

erratic / kira – bikini / pink colorblock (maitreya) @ C88

LUXE. Multi-Cross Bangles Gold @ TLC


[theSkinnery] Sienna (Catwa Applier) // onyx

faerie, blue, butterflies, forest

Blue Dream: Spring Spirit of the Forest


Pose 31 of 141- Apple Spice - Gown Pose 013_001 1
Blue Dream: Spring Spirit of the Forest


Pose 47 of 141- Frozen Shoe Pose 03_001 1
Blue Dream: Spring Spirit of the Forest


Lost Unicorn, A Unicorn Forest Sanctuary, Faerie Tale

You may encounter this beautiful spirit if you enter the forest deep enough during the last days of spring, just before the summer. She makes a short appearance every year, and if she is so inclined, she dances around, blowing butterflies here, arranging a few flowers there… all the pretty things you can see in the forest during the summer are there thanks to her kind, happy, generous heart.

She is usually a pretty happy spirit and does all those things very spontaneously, it is like a painting for her, she just flutters around and makes things beautiful because it is what she likes to do. She was born in a forest lake, which is why she is always dressed in blue. She may live in the forest, but the water is her element.

That is why she is always wrapped in a cloud of mist and surrounded by myriads of tiny drops of water that look like golden beads. When she is roaming around, working on her masterpiece, all the plants, the trees, the moss, everything turns into a luscious green after having been sprinkled by her happy blue trail of love.



Lost Unicorn, A Unicorn Forest Sanctuary, Faerie Tale
( ❤ Very pretty enchanted forest with free to join group rezz perm ❤ )


Cole’s Corner Dreamy Dandelions

Kibitz  Melody head jewel // gold @ Enchantment May

LODE Headwear // Fleur d’hiver // blue (Old Gacha)

[Ladies Who Lunch] Lavender & Bluebell Butterflies (Gacha)

Meva Net Collar Roses // Pastel @ SHINY SHABBY May

+Spellbound+ Faerie Queen // Chapter I : Earth @ Enchantment May

VRSION Konvert // Gown // Fitted Mesh // Dark Blue @ Tres Chic May


{anc} Mist Cloud & Nebra Beads // Sungold



Catwa Head Alice

IKON Triumph Eyes // Blue

L’Etre Skin Shop // Cintia Skin // Golden Tone

Maitreya Mesh Body // Lara


Apple Spice  Gown Pose 013

Frozen Shoe Pose 03

Petite Mort, Playsuit, Vintage, Pinup Leopard, Elephant,Second Life, SL, Fashion, 1950's, Jayne Mansfield, Blonde

1950’s Mansfield Vintage Pin Up Playsuit


Snapshot_365 1-min
Petite Mort Hibiscus Mansfield Vintage Playsuit


Fruit Islands, Tropical Forest


Petite Mort, Playsuit, Vintage, Pinup Leopard, Elephant,Second Life, SL, Fashion, 1950's, Jayne Mansfield, Blonde
Petite Mort Leopard Mansfield Vintage Playsuit




Snapshot_357 1-min
Petite Mort Tattoo Mansfield Vintage Playsuit



Petite Mort Mansfield Vintage Playsuit will be available as an exclusive for the Tropical Summer Fair June 3rd-17th, along with many other original items that will help make your summer hot, sexy, fashionable, unforgettable ;). The catalog and event location will be on Seraphim as soon as the event starts.

Petite Mort’s playsuit is inspired by the famous beautiful curvaceous 50’s-60’s platinum blonde pin up model and actress Jayne Mansfield. These suits were worn at the beach or on a poolside during the summer, but as you can see from my pictures you can also wear them in the jungle, at the zoo, in space, at the carwash or wherever you decide to take them :).

This playsuit was a joy to blog. I really had fun researching the life and character of Jayne Mansfield, then trying to pimp my avatar until it looked like her, and then taking her on adventures, making her smoke, and just spending time watching her be a pin up… yes, I do spend some time looking at my avatar :D. I love the textures, the fun patterns and it definitely has a sexy retro pin up feeling to it. It will be available in 10 delicious colors and patterns. June 3rd-17th. Can’t wait for the Tropical Summer Fair!





Fruit Islands, Tropical Forest


/artilleri/ Hibi hair flower // pink

[Avenge] Crystal Mules // gold

[NikotiN] Cigarette Classic V4

Petite Mort Mansfield Vintage Playsuit @ Tropical Summer Fair  June 3rd-18th 


IKON Odyssey Eyes // Coffee

LeLutka Mesh Head-Stella 1.6

Maitreya Mesh Body // Lara

Rezology // May Rose

Slink AvEnhance Feet Female // High

[theSkinnery] Dunya // LeLutka Applier // champagne
[theSkinnery] Matte Lip Potion // LeLutka Applier

Blooming in a Lovely White Lace Dress

Snapshot_290 1

Snapshot_301 1

Snapshot_302 1

Snapshot_303 1

Lea’s life has become like a dream come true since she has started modelling. She gets to be the centre of attention, to travel to the most beautiful places and wear the prettiest clothes, shoes and accessories. She loves it! For today’s photo shoot the team and her went to a little piece of paradise called The Yorkshire Dales. It is a little village, a very pretty flowery place, with a happy feeling to it.

The sun is out, the breeze softly warm, which is great to feature the outfit of the day including a gorgeous little white lace dress that really feels wonderfully springy, pretty, light and sexy, and is enhanced by fabulous and fashionable pewter leather and wood clogs, a statement witchy necklace made of stone and wood that reminds of the colours and materials of the shoes, as well as a great hat that could have belonged to a ship captain. It came in several colours but she picked white to match the dress, and it does the trick, she looks adorable in her springy pure white clothes, a bit like an angel.

The photos are coming out nicely and everyone is relaxed and enjoying a great day in the countryside. It is like a holiday. While sitting, smiling and just being pretty, Lea’s mind wanders and she is thinking that if this is work, then she might become a workaholic. It is just so much fun posing, wandering around in fabulous outfits and having the men’s undivided attention, she feels like she could definitely get used to this lifestyle.


Location: The Yorkshire Dales


The Dress: Petite Mort – White Jasmine Dress for Women Only Hunt June 1-18


The Outfit:

::C’est la vie !::  Flavie Hat

fri. – Harper Clogs // Pewter @ SHINY SHABBY

Moon Elixir Luna Necklace @ The Secret Affair

Petite Mort  White Jasmine Dress for Women Only Hunt June 1-18

.The Sugar Garden. Nails // Silver Glitter Gradient

[MANDALA] Pearl// Rain // Season 3 White Earring




IKON Sovereign Eyes // Ghost

Maitreya Mesh Body // LARA

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female // Gesture

[theSkinnery] Nana // Omega Mesh Head Applier // Honey

*TUKINOWAGUMA* Lenka // Blondes


Snapshot_322 1

Snapshot_338 1

Snapshot_326 1

Snapshot_340 1

Hi guys!

Today I will let an extremely talented artist speak, or more accurately sing for me. First of all, because I’m a bit lazy ^^, then because he’s so good at expressing it , awesome to listen to, more than pleasant to look at 😉 and  last but not least because this post is all about FREEDOM.

Why Freedom? Let’s just say that I have made an attempt to apply for a sponsor I did not really love, and I struggled to make a post because I was not able to be true to myself and I felt stuck and miserable. I gave up, did not do the post, made the decision not to apply, and then I made this post with an absolutely delicious feeling of FREEDOM.

So let’s celebrate and sing and dance and listen to a wonderful song that brings love for life, joy to the heart and tears to the eyes. Ladies and Gents, I give you Pharrell, FREEDOM!


Whole Wheat Landscape & Creations (1st Floor Photo Sets)



fri. // Harper.Clogs (Pewter) @ SHINY SHABBY

Meva // Daisy Bangle & Rings @ ENCHANTMENT

TETRA // Leather Jacket with Hoodie (Brown) @ UBER

The Pose Shop // Flower Crown // multicolor @ ENCHANTMENT

The Sugar Garden // Nails // Rose Gold Nude

-tres blah- // Revival Denim Skirt // Faded



Catwa Head // Alice

IKON // Triumph Eyes // Oxidation

Maitreya Mesh Body // Lara

[theSkinnery] // Nana (Omega Mesh Head Applier) // Toffee

Slink Hands // Gesture

/Wasabi Pills/ Rowan Mesh Hair // Basics @ UBER

Heads Or Tails ?

Snapshot_314 1

Snapshot_308 1

Snapshot_317 1

Snapshot_310 1

Snapshot_309 1


Lea had a strange dream. She was on  stage in an odd theater that had no roof and no walls but it had a wonderful ancient wooden staircase that lead nowhere. She was on top of the stairs and she did not want to go back down so she had nowhere to go, then she realized she was all dressed up. She was wearing a short black dress with an open back, a jewelry set of pearls including a necklace that was short in the front and like a river of pearls in her back; it was gorgeous. And she had this extraordinary up-do and very high wood and leather platform shoes. The whole outfit gave her a sensation of self confidence, elegance and sensuality. She started posing for the invisible cameras. She could not see them, but she could hear their shutters, so she knew they were there and she kept posing, sometimes turning her back playfully like in a game of heads or tails.



*AvaWay* SOPHIE Jewelry Set // White @ Cosmopolitan

Kaithleen’s Beaded Cocktail Dress // Black @ Cosmopolitan

{Letituier} Audrey Hair // Fatpack // Medium Brown @ Cosmopolitan

Phedora. Cyrce Platforms @ Cosmopolitan



DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Gaby” European @ Cosmopolitan

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Eyeshadow” silver

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Lipgloss” 2 in 1

DeeTaleZ Mesh beauty mole

IKON Triumph Eyes // Dusk

Maitreya Mesh Body // Lara

Slink Hands // Gesture

A Green Sunday

Snapshot Sari-Sari - happy01_003 1

Snapshot Sari-Sari - happy01_011 1

Snapshot uscious 5_002 1

Lea was urban by essence. She was born and brought up in the middle of the city jungle. But every now and then, she needed to escape the noise, pollution and permanent tension of town. Then she took the car and drove to the countryside, found herself a neat little green corner of paradise and walked until she got tired. She had a passion for trees and felt peaceful and quiet when she was amongst them. She also loved picking flowers. The sound of the birds. The sensation of the cool grass on her feet.

For this walk she was wearing her army sneakers, khaki overalls that she wore as jeans, a pink cotton halter top, a pretty flowery scarf,her Lennon style sunglasses, a bag to carry her bottle of water, phone, car keys and, you know, the loads of very important stuff girls carry in their purses 😉



::C’est la vie !:: // Eulalie Gacha scarf (flower) RARE GACHA  // NEW @ SHINY SHABBY
::C’est la vie !:: // Eulalie Gacha bag // NEW GACHA @ SHINY SHABBY


LaGyo // Halsey Horn Ring – Silver @ C88
LaGyo // EARRINGS @ C88

LODE // Hand Accessory // Muskare [smokey blue] NEW @ SHINY SHABBY

Petite Mort // Pink Parker halter top @ Tres Chic UNTIL JUNE 10TH
Petite Mort // Lennon round specs GIFT @ TRES CHIC UNTIL JUNE 10TH
Petite Mort // Dirty army chucks GIFT @ TRES CHIC UNTIL JUNE 10TH


[White~Widow] // Zoom // Black NEW @ SHINY SHABBY



IKON// Triumph Eyes // Armor

L’Etre Skin Shop // Cintia Skin //Golden Tone

Maitreya Mesh Body // LARA

Slink // AvEnhance Hands Female // Gesture

+Spellbound+ Chocolat // Chapter I: Earth @ WHIMSICAL

Peace & Love @ The Beach


Snapshot  GLITTERATI - Cute - 8_001 1

Snapshot  Axix-- aria 8_001 1

Snapshot  Kuro in Motion - The wind_003 1

Snapshot  Le Poppycock-The Black Sheep_001 1

Today my Lea is a Peace and Love Doll, she has flowers in her hair and she is going to play Hotel California with her friends on the beach in her awesome tie dye shirt. She might just kiss that boy, too. And go for a swim in her pretty bikini. Not necessarily in that order. Oh, and everything looks soooo cool through her kaleidoscopic glasses!

So, word of the day: Make Love, not War. And don’t walk on the grass… 😉


The Trace Too


IKON Sovereign Eyes – Sky


Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture

Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA

[theSkinnery] Nana (Omega Mesh Head Applier) – toffee @ C88


Moon Elixir – Rekt – Shirt – Tie Dye NEW @ WHIMSICAL
Moon Elixir – Rekt – Glasses – Kaleidoscope NEW @ WHIMSICAL

ninety  guitar flower mix NEW @ WHIMSICAL

.Olive. Athena Hair – Brunettes NEW @ WHIMSICAL

MINIMAL – Freedom Necklace Gold NEW @ WHIMSICAL

fri.  Sophie Sandals (Mint) @ UBER

.THE SUGAR GARDEN. Nails – Paradise

*Just BECAUSE* Elegant Arm Cuffs @ FAMESHED GIFT

Cae :: Flutter :: Rings @ FAMESHED GIFT

SPELL : Two moons bracelet @ THE CHAPTER FOUR Gift

(Yummy) Layered Chain Choker – Gold
(Yummy) Eclipse Septum


Cool at the Library

Snapshot_173 1

Snapshot_180 1

Snapshot_184 1

Lea works part time at the library of the university to help paying for her studies. That way she also spends more time on studying and getting homework done than if she was at home. She likes her job.She loves books. She is a jeans tee shirt flats always reading a couple books kind of girl and it’s perfectly ok for her to be as casual as she desires in this particular working place.

This morning she got up early enough to have time to wake up while having coffee and staring at her laptop screen as she always does, then she grabbed her mini jeans skirt, a summer top and her laced leather sandals, checked in the mirror and thought that her prettiness level was ok. Then she remembered she needs to wear something warm even in the summer at work. The library is always dim and a bit cool, especially when you spend long hours sitting there. So she picked an old army shirt abandoned by some ex lover.

On her way out she took her car keys and the big leather bag she uses to carry books back and forth. Mirror check again:pretty and cool. Perfect!

Location: Library Skybox Demo @ GoD

Petite Mort  Parker Outfit NEW @ Tres Chic  May 17th-June 10th
Parker Shirt
Parker Knit Halter Top
Parker Denim Skirt with Belt

Shirt, Top and Skirt are available in 5 colors/Slink Physique & Hourglass/Classic/mesh

(Parker Outfit Shown on Maitreya Lara)

CATWA Mesh Head // Alice

::C’est la vie !:: Maxine Bag

+elua+ Roanna // Variety A @ C88

fri.  Dusty Sandals // Cocoa @ C88

IKON Triumph Eyes // Armor

Maitreya Mesh Body // Lara

[theSkinnery] Nana // Omega Mesh Head Mesh Head Applier @ C88

Life After the Storm

Snapshot_240 1

Snapshot_255 1

Snapshot_246 1


Lea was born only a couple years before the Big Storm. She could not remember the world as it was before before the apocalyptic incident. Her mother used to tell her stories of green pastures, apple trees and cool breezes, but for Lea they were only bedtime tales. In real life what existed was the permanent heavy hot air carrying sand, dust and whatever was on its way.

The young woman has to fight for her life every single day. She has to fight for food, water and survival. She learned to protect herself and doesn’t go out before sunset. Wandering in the daylight is too dangerous and she can hardly breathe when the sun is out. At night the temperature plunges and she needs to wear warmer clothes but at least she doesn’t risk to be grilled alive and the chemicals in the air are less aggressive in the cool night, although she needs to wear a mask at any time of the day to go out.


LOCATION: Unia (Madpea Game Sim until July 31. Creepy Desert Abandoned Town)



Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes Dew (left) & Kawaii (right)

Head: Catwa Alice

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Skin applier: [theSkinnery] Nana (Omega Mesh Head Applier) – honey @ C88

Hair: [DUE] Xiaohai

:Zombie Suicide: Laced Surgical Mask

Vinyl – Stirling Sleeves – Grey

Foxes – Festival – Tassled Tank – Weird @ C88

Shoes: Sweet Thing. Cyber Stompers – Noir

*MUKA* Thigh Socks

-Suicidal Unborn!- Kiss My Ass Shorts Black

A Reading in Italy


Snapshot_222 1


Snapshot_231 1


Lea was back on the island. Since her book had been translated to Italian, her agent had been receiving invitations from book stores and literary circles all over the country to come and read for her audience. They were organizing an European tour anyways, so this would give her the chance to go back to the villa on the island where she had loved to stay while she was in the writing process.

She had done her first reading today and it had gone well. For the event she had picked silken red and blue paisley rompers and a lace top that formed a dressy chic but still boho ensemble that she completed with a pair of flat leather sandals. She had left her hair flow simply over her shoulders.

Now that the mundanities were over with she was spending the best part of her day walking uphill across the Italian countryside in the warm spring breeze coming from the sea to go to the beloved villa. She met the shepherd with his sheep and his herding dog on her way home and they walked together for a bit.


Location Bella Pace


IKON Triumph Eyes – Armor

L’Etre Skin Shop – Cintia Skin [Golden Tone] Catwa Applier

Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA

MINA – Marion – Essentials @ HAIROLOGY

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture

The Secret Store – Lana Romper – Paisley @ C88
The Secret Store – Sage Lacey Jacket – Crimson @ C88


The Mysterious Black Box

Snapshot_199 1

Snapshot_193 1

Snapshot_210 1

Snapshot_207 1

Snapshot_189 1


When Lea went home after work Friday night she found a mysterious package on her living room coffee table. It was a black round box wrapped in a big black satin bow. There was an envelope on the box. She opened it, took out the handwritten card and read: “Dear Lea, please follow the instructions below carefully. Wear everything you will find in  the box. Do not wear anything else. Be ready at 9. A car will come and pick you up. Love. M.”

She put the card on the table and pulled on the silky bow to open the mysterious box. It was full of luxurious sensual clothes and accessories: a black stretchy dress with lovely lace decorations and a tiny black bow, a bit like the bow on the box. It made her think of M. unwrapping her and she shivered lightly. She kept looking. A wonderful pair of black platform leather shoes with laced heels. She couldn’t wait to try them on. Then she found a big damask posture collar, leather arm bands and a mask. All black.

Her eyes widened a little. She had been seeing M. for a while and she knew he was into some kinky stuff. And she might have mentioned occasionally that she would like to play along someday. But this took her by surprise. She would follow the flow anyways. What did she have to lose? A night home alone watching tv? She didn’t have too much time to think if she wanted to get ready. She took a shower, washed her hair and arranged it in a pretty up-do, then started getting dressed. The dress and the heels were amazing. She felt very sexy, very woman. She was going to pick some underwear in the drawer and remembered, “nothing else”. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. The dress was very tight. “Oh boy…”  She was putting on the leather bands and the collar when she heard the car parking in the driveway. She took the leather mask and finished adjusting it while going downstairs. This was certainly going to be an interesting evening.



Location: The Chamber


IKON Triumph Eyes – Armor

Le Forme
[LF] Dominatrix Mask BLACK BOX

MoDANNA [Ardeur Collection] Spiked Choker Damask Black

Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA

no.match ~ NO_WHISPER ~ BROWNS @ Hairology

..::PaperDolls::.. Soumise arm bands

Petite Mort @ Dark Style Fair May14-June1
Petite Mort- Ebony Selene dress
Petite Mort- Desdemonia SLINK HIGH

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture
Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

[theSkinnery] Nana (Omega Mesh Head Applier) – honey @ C88

The Sugar Garden Nails – Fiancee


One Girls’ Day Out, Two Dresses

Snapshot_167 1

Snapshot_166 1

Snapshot_161 1

Snapshot_165 1

Snapshot_168 1

Snapshot_164 1

Snapshot_170 1


Today it is girls’ day out for Lea and her friends. Time to drive downtown and enjoy everything the city has to offer…

She began the day with a fresh iced caramel latte at the café, then went for a stroll in the city, wandering around, visited an art gallery, went shopping… She bought two new summer dresses that she was happy to showcase for her friends when they met up later in the day. One was all black with just a little detail of sheer dotted fabric on the shoulders, it was very simple and elegant. The other one had a tribal colorful skirt, said “Wild One” on the top and had a tiny little belt. She loved both and couldn’t wait for an occasion to wear them.

Now she and her friends were going to go for a mani-pedi, a meal,  drinks…

Life is good!

Pictures Taken in Basilique Town

*yumyum* Barber (brown)

::C’est la vie !:: Alette purse Birthday Gift for The Chapter Four May Round
::C’est la vie !:: Marian Hat
::C’est la vie !:: Monique Dress (black) @ The Chapter Four

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* LeLuka Heads “Face Ana-Lucia” Mixedtype

EMPIRE – Anemone

IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

LeLutka Mesh Head-STELLA

Luas Street Style Fitted Chic ( Wild One) @ The Chapter Four

Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture

The Sugar Garden Nails – Fiancee

Kawaii United Patrol (KUP)

Snapshot_142 1


Snapshot_144 1


Snapshot_134 1


Lea is part of the KUP (Kawaii United Patrol). It is fun, really. All she has to do is roam the city at night and check on the other kawaii girls. If there is any trouble, she has her weapon of choice, the Pink Bubble Gum Blaster that will annihilate all the bad guys in seconds. Her wings are helpful because she can fly high above the city and have a good view of what’s going on, and they enable her to fly down fast as an eagle, should anything catch her attention. As for the outfit, well, it makes the villain’s jaw drop and that gives her time to shoot them with tons of bubble gum.

Now seriously 🙂

The artists without whom this post would not exist are:


Location : Hangars Liquides


! Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA !

Slink Hands Female – Gesture

*Epic* Succubus Star Devil Chibi Wings @ Suicide Dollz

.The Sugar Garden. Nails – Heart Tips

.The Sugar Garden. Invader Princess – CyberSuit Clear Pink RARE @ The Kawaii Project

.The Sugar Garden. Invader Princess – Raygun @ The Kawaii Project

.The Sugar Garden. Invader Princess – Helmet @ The Kawaii Project

+Spellbound+ Noir // Chapter III : Magic @ Suicide Dollz

SOMEMORE / SaeBom mesh head – RARE @ Sanarae

_CandyDoll_ Esme Boots White



Just a Little Celebration

Snapshot_109 1

Snapshot_110 1

Snapshot_112 1

Snapshot_113 1

Snapshot_122 1


Lea is happy today. She has been renting the villa in Tuscany for six months to work on her novel away from the stress and distractions from the life in the city. The main theme of her new novel is the heat… hence the choice of Italy as a writing place. Today she is particularly happy because she sent her script to her editor who wrote back after a long couple days of anguished wait saying it was fabulous and they were going to publish it.

Lea danced for joy, then started making calls for an improvised party: all the people who had been helping her and supporting her throughout this long, awesome, sometimes painful process. She wanted to celebrate with them. She started getting ready for the evening. It was warm and nice and she picked an extra long festival skirt full of happy colors, then a suede bandeau top with fringes, a straw hat – the party would take place on the patio and the sun was very hot until late in the day – copper bangles and an intricate necklace with an amber stone in the front and a butterfly in the back.She playfully braided her hair and put on her dark red nail polish. She was ready!

She went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of Italian wine and went out to the patio. She took a sip, closed her eyes, enjoying the taste of the wine in her mouth, the warm breeze, the sun on her face… She was in heaven for a while. Then she heard the sound of a car approaching from a distance. Her first guests had arrived. She turned her heels and went to the front of the house to welcome them. It was going to be a great night.


Location @ Bella Pace
*AvaWay* BUTTERFLY Necklace RARE @ Gacha Garden

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* LeLuka Heads “Face Ana-Lucia” Mixed type

::C’est la vie !:: Marian Hat

Elikatira Enjoy

IKON Triumph Eyes – Armor

LeLutka Mesh Head-STELLA

Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA

Meva Enia Bracelets Brown

Petite Mort– Festival Skirt Group Gift May
Petite Mort- Suede fringe bandeau Group Gift May

Relax by the Lake

Snapshot_093 FL

Snapshot_101 1

Snapshot_099 FL

Snapshot_097 1

Snapshot_102 2

Snapshot_103 1

Lea loves spring. She loves spring because it means the lake cabin season is on. She has spent holidays in that cabin since she was a baby. It belonged to her grandfather who passed it to her mother who passed it to her. She is there right now, for the first time this year. She is sitting on the bench by the pier, slowly waking up after a good night sleep. She always sleeps well at the cabin, everything is very quiet until morning. Then a concert of sheep, goats, geese, ducks, cows, a thousand birds and the children of the farm begins. This morning the sun gently stroke her cheek and she woke up, smiled and opened her eyes.

She put on her old ripped, washed up blue jeans and a pretty turquoise tank top that she had bought at a garage sale before departing for the lake and went out to sit on the bench built by her grandfather with a huge piece of wood he brought back from the mill when she was still a little girl. She is sitting there, feeling happy and cozy in her favorite pair of jeans. The have lived a great many things togother, her and those blue jeans. They are all ripped and thorn but they are her favorite thing to wear ever. And the cabin is the perfect place to do so. She rolls up the legs of her pants, goes to the big stone under the tree and puts her feet in the water for a while. It is cool and refreshing. The lake is still too cold for a swim.On the other hand, the sun is hot already and she ties a knot in her cotton top so that she can enjoy its warmth on her belly. She feels fresh and happy as she smells the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and walks back inside to take a cup and get ready for the day.


Pics taken @ Netherwood

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* LeLutka Heads “Face Grace” Nordic

[Encore] Nail Appliers – Shades of Red

IKON Triumph Eyes – Nymph

.LeLutka. Mesh Head-STELLA v1.3

Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA
Maitreya Saar – Natural Blond

Petite Mort- Clean Medwash BF jeans @ The Garage Fair
Petite Mort- Turquoise knotted tank @ The Garage Fair

Take Away Wheat For Mouth

Gotta Love Indie

Snapshot_078 1

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Today I decided to enjoy the spring weather and go out for a walk on the beach. It was one of these days when it is not cold anymore but not warm enough to go out without a jacket. I chose to wear my leather sandals and the harem pants and ruffle top I bought last summer at a festival. I also took my favorite leather jacket, the comfy blue one with the indian elephant embroidery on the back. It would protect me from the wind and make me look fantastic :).

The beach was empty as the summer had not begun yet, and I had it all for myself (the perks of living in a beach house). The breeze on my legs  felt delicious through the light cotton pants, and I could feel my nose and my cheeks getting pink and warm in the sun. The wind blew my hair as i was walking along the ocean, making it look and feel like what I call “happy hair”. The exercise, the sun, the air, the smell of the sea… After a while I felt wonderful and walked back home, being sure this was going to be a great day.


Pictures taken @ The Trace Too

Foxes – Free Love – Denim Jacket – Mural – Elephant @ Uber

[GAKI] DOLL FACTORY: His Little Gothic Doll Shape

Glam Affair – Cristina Headpiece 7 @ Uber

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Petite Mort– Purple Saree Harem pants @ Color Me Project
Petite Mort- Floral Ruffle bandeau @ Color Me Project

.ploom. OMG Wind – Indecisive

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture

SOMEMORE / SaeBom mesh head – RARE @ SanaRae

.The Sugar Garden. Summer Eyes – Ice Blue
.The Sugar Garden. Nails – Gold Cheetah





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Tomorrow night the witches will be celebrating and dancing under the moon all night. It will be the biggest party of the year and Melusine is getting ready for the occasion. She built a fire under her cauldron and prepared the special ingredients to make her favorite purple hair dye color. She got her nails done, picked the short bats dress, attached a flower to her garter, stepped in pretty heels, put on her hat, and… Tadaaaaaaa ! Doesn’t she look gorgeous?


Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Bat – Black
Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Owlie – Snow
Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Sphynx Kitties – Black

[ContraptioN] Thick Lens Glasses

.DirtyStories. Rosally Legband
.DirtyStories. Lorelia Headchain

[GAKI] DOLL FACTORY: His Little Gothic Doll Shape

Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA

MoDANNA [Ardeur Collection] Spiked Choker Damask Black

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture
Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

+Spellbound+ Ritual // Chapter II : Sky

SOMEMORE / SaeBom mesh head – RARE @ SanaRae

Sweet Thing. Cleo Dress – Batty

.The Sugar Garden. Summer Eyes – Ice Blue
.The Sugar Garden. Nails – Fiancee
.The Sugar Garden. Silk Wrap Heels – Black for Slink High

Harness My Dress

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Sooooo, the thing is… I went to 50 Shades of Lust a couple days ago and I must admit I went a bit crazy on the sexy leather latex fetish black goth stuff ^^. So there is going to be some of that in the next few posts. It is a fun style to play with too.And then I will go back to being my eclectic self 🙂 I built this outfit around this PaperDolls Harness Dress.I played with the black and whitish look, with the hint of color coming from the pale skin and the rose of the lips. Hope you like it as much as I liked doing it! ❤


DirtyStories. BadGirl Boots

DirtyStories. Rosally Legband

DirtyStories. Love Story Tattoo

Goth1c0: Ankh Rings

IKON Triumph Eyes – Slate

Izzie’s – LeLutka Glitter Eyeshadow VIP Group Gift April

Lara Hurley -Alena for LeLutka Milky

LeLutka -STELLA Mesh Head

Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA



..::PaperDolls::.. Harness Dress

..::PaperDolls::.. Soumise collar & armbands @ 50 Shades of Lust

[ S H O C K ] Monochrome Dark Nails – LUXURY SERIES

+Spellbound+ Noir // Chapter III : Magic

-Suicidal Unborn!- Elyse Facial Piercings /INK/

In Goth We Trust

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I am very excited to restart this blog. For the occasion, my doll Lea went for a cute sexy goth look that was really fun to put together all night and stare at on my screen all day before photoshooting the hell out of her in the No Salvation cathedral and bringing the whole thing to life in this very first new post. Yay for SL Blogging 😀


LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA v1.3

Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* LeLutka Heads “Face KIRA” European

IKON Triumph Eyes – Dusk

/Wasabi Pills/ Marin Mesh Hair – Black

..::PaperDolls::.. Mystic Eyeliner

[PinkFuel] Lelutka Lipstick Applier Matte

[ S H O C K ] Monochrome Dark Nails – LUXURY SERIES

[MANDALA]OKAKI Unisex Bracelet set/Black

-Suicidal Unborn!- Bonny Piercing INK

.DirtyStories. Cutie Heart Eyepatch
.DirtyStories. Rosally Legband

Goth1c0: Ankh Rings
Goth1c0: End of Days Necklace – Black
Goth1c0: My Ouija Necklace
Goth1c0: Cropped Tees – STFU @ 50 Shades of Lust

Blueberry Elina Shorts – Maitreya / Belleza / Slink – Black

{Livalle} Chyna -Lace up Platform Boot- Black

Standing Ovation for Madame Krystalle

petite mort violetta gown vintage cabaret petite mort violetta gown vintage cabaret

Madame Krystalle’s Cabaret Performance Receives Standing Ovation.

Krystal has found a job at the local cabaret, it is not the Folies Bergères, but it helps pay the bills and get her name out there. Her stage name is Madame Krystalle and, after only a few weeks performing, her success is established. She sings every night for a full club and is very proud to do so without the help a microphone, “A Capella, like Edith Piaf”, she always says. As long as she keeps singing or even talking, the public is mesmerized. Her voice has something magic. When she was a child, she already showed special skills to entertain a wide audience of little girls at the orphanage with her songs and jokes. She is a very independent self-taught woman and she likes to be in control of every part of her show.

She writes her own songs and sews her own costumes from head to toe. She does so at night, after the shows, then rests during the day. She is a night owl and does not see much sunlight, which she says is alright, as she likes keeping her skin pale. Most of her outfits are black and simple, although extremely elegant, like this dress spiced up by a feather boa and a lace and feathers headpiece. She feels very comfortable in it and knows that all the men’s eyes in the room are on her as she finishes her show and bows to her public.

If you’re young and talented, it’s like you have wings.
― Haruki Murakami, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

Bliensen + MaiTai– La folie du jour – with veil – Coal Hair
by Plurabelle Laszlo

!dM deviousMind
Cigarette Holder
“Elizabeth” **ONYX** Jewelry Set
by Chandra Meehan

FetishCabaret – “ShowDiva” ***BLACK***
Chanimations Poses and Feather Boa
by Chandra Meehan

Glam Affair – Luna skin – Asia
by Zoe Gloster

IKON Promise Eyes – Metal
by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
by Onyx LeShelle

Petite Mort– Black Violetta Gown
by Melora Frost (insilvermoonlight)


So here comes my confession ^^

I am obsessed. I have been obsessed with Second Life for the last 7 years, sometimes less, sometimes more, but I always come back to it even though sometimes I need a break.

With time, my obsessions inside SL have changed. Love came and love went, I spent some time roleplaying a Master/Slave relationship, being a vampire and blooming into a clan Queen, roleplaying in Gor, you name it… the obsessions changed, but they were always there.

The only obsession that remained since day one and never left me is… of course… shopping. That is one steady obsession. I still remember my first days hoarding thousands of freebies that clugged my inventory for at least 3 years, then the joy of having found the way to get some linden dollars and actually buying things… a skin at Laq, a dress at Indyra, nice heels… I have never stopped buying clothes, skins, hair, shoes, eyes… ever since. Have you ? 🙂

With the years obsessions changed, but I never grew tired of buying pretty things and dressing up my avatar, which I like to call playing paperdolls. I do it over and over and over again. I buy something I like, then build a head to toe outfit from there, including clothes, eyes, hair, shoes, skin, jewelry. And when I’m done… I start over again… and again… and again… If I had to describe my style, I would say I am casual most of the time. I am a brought up by hippies jeans-tee shirt-flats kind of girl, and I think I’m a bit like that when it comes to dress my avatar. Casual-pretty dresses-boho-hippy-ish with a liking for gothic-punk-dark-ish things (and I might pull a gown off my sleeve occasionaly just because I have decided to be a princess that day). Oh and I love heels. They’re just so pretty and on SL you don’t have to sprain your ankles to walk with them. I love that. That and teleport! Isn’t teleporting absolutely amazing? Personally, it is the first thing that brought me joy in SL. Now you have to know I’m a bit silly.

Exploring Second Life is also something I enjoy, visiting new sims (there are some wonderful creations out there), and I’d rather take my avatar on a journey to find a nice shooting spot, than taking studio pictures, even though I will take shots right in my home occasionally.

I also love taking pictures, that has also been a steady obsession. It started when I was a six year old suntanned wild kid and continued ever since… I need to take pictures. I have had times in my life when I couldn’t for a reason or another, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I also studied photography and video for a few years in an earlier stage of my life, when photography was still made with rolls and in dark rooms with all kinds of stinky products. So it was a bit like witch and magic school. You shook up potions and images appeared.

So a while ago, I thought I might as well start a Second Life blog, where I could share my obsessions/passions for shopping, dressing up my avatar, exploring second life and taking pictures altogether and tadaaaa, this blog was born!

Reader, as Jane Eyre would say (oh, right, I also have an obsession with literature, so the occasional words, quotes… inspired posts might appear here and there), thank you so much for your attention, I hope you enjoy your visit 🙂



Inworld : NC or IM Lea Rage

Flickr : Lea Rage