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Summer Stroll


Bauhaus Movement - Fade to Black 320 Kbps 21_0021024px

Bauhaus Movement – Fade to Black 320 Kbps 21 / La Belle .Ingenue. Eos Top / Lagyo Lotus Hat


Location: Bal Harbour

Pose Bauhaus Movement – Fade to Black 320 Kbps 21

La belle .INGENUE. – Eos top / Maitreya

LaGyo Lotus Hat – Red @ Tropical Summer Fair
LaGyo Morgan Bangles & Necklace Aqua

Blueberry – Grace Pants – Maitreya

Catwa Head Kimberly

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Insol Mia Skin for Catwa – Copper

Custom Shape for Lara by La Belle Ingenue

Lipstick DeeTaleZ Appliers Catwa “Natural Beauty MU”

Magika – Amuse Me (50% Storewide Sale June 2 – 12)


Heads Or Tails ?

Snapshot_314 1

Snapshot_308 1

Snapshot_317 1

Snapshot_310 1

Snapshot_309 1


Lea had a strange dream. She was on  stage in an odd theater that had no roof and no walls but it had a wonderful ancient wooden staircase that lead nowhere. She was on top of the stairs and she did not want to go back down so she had nowhere to go, then she realized she was all dressed up. She was wearing a short black dress with an open back, a jewelry set of pearls including a necklace that was short in the front and like a river of pearls in her back; it was gorgeous. And she had this extraordinary up-do and very high wood and leather platform shoes. The whole outfit gave her a sensation of self confidence, elegance and sensuality. She started posing for the invisible cameras. She could not see them, but she could hear their shutters, so she knew they were there and she kept posing, sometimes turning her back playfully like in a game of heads or tails.



*AvaWay* SOPHIE Jewelry Set // White @ Cosmopolitan

Kaithleen’s Beaded Cocktail Dress // Black @ Cosmopolitan

{Letituier} Audrey Hair // Fatpack // Medium Brown @ Cosmopolitan

Phedora. Cyrce Platforms @ Cosmopolitan



DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Gaby” European @ Cosmopolitan

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Eyeshadow” silver

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Lipgloss” 2 in 1

DeeTaleZ Mesh beauty mole

IKON Triumph Eyes // Dusk

Maitreya Mesh Body // Lara

Slink Hands // Gesture

Relax by the Lake

Snapshot_093 FL

Snapshot_101 1

Snapshot_099 FL

Snapshot_097 1

Snapshot_102 2

Snapshot_103 1

Lea loves spring. She loves spring because it means the lake cabin season is on. She has spent holidays in that cabin since she was a baby. It belonged to her grandfather who passed it to her mother who passed it to her. She is there right now, for the first time this year. She is sitting on the bench by the pier, slowly waking up after a good night sleep. She always sleeps well at the cabin, everything is very quiet until morning. Then a concert of sheep, goats, geese, ducks, cows, a thousand birds and the children of the farm begins. This morning the sun gently stroke her cheek and she woke up, smiled and opened her eyes.

She put on her old ripped, washed up blue jeans and a pretty turquoise tank top that she had bought at a garage sale before departing for the lake and went out to sit on the bench built by her grandfather with a huge piece of wood he brought back from the mill when she was still a little girl. She is sitting there, feeling happy and cozy in her favorite pair of jeans. The have lived a great many things togother, her and those blue jeans. They are all ripped and thorn but they are her favorite thing to wear ever. And the cabin is the perfect place to do so. She rolls up the legs of her pants, goes to the big stone under the tree and puts her feet in the water for a while. It is cool and refreshing. The lake is still too cold for a swim.On the other hand, the sun is hot already and she ties a knot in her cotton top so that she can enjoy its warmth on her belly. She feels fresh and happy as she smells the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and walks back inside to take a cup and get ready for the day.


Pics taken @ Netherwood

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* LeLutka Heads “Face Grace” Nordic

[Encore] Nail Appliers – Shades of Red

IKON Triumph Eyes – Nymph

.LeLutka. Mesh Head-STELLA v1.3

Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA
Maitreya Saar – Natural Blond

Petite Mort- Clean Medwash BF jeans @ The Garage Fair
Petite Mort- Turquoise knotted tank @ The Garage Fair

Take Away Wheat For Mouth

A Stroll on Black Basalt Beach

*EverGlow* - Girls petite mort black basalt beach sl second life avatar fashion aphorism chestnut glastonbury Vanity Poses details lennon specs petite mort gizza swallow arcade vibe organica black basalt beach petite mort petite mort sl second life black basalt beach lennon specs

Krystal woke up before everyone and decided to go out for a stroll on the beach. It was a nice spring day, a bit cloudy but warm enough to wear her knit, lace and cotton dress. She had inherited it from her mother and had transformed it to make it much shorter. She liked her dresses to be cut high above the knee. She grabbed her favorite black felt hat and put on her sunglasses. She loved those Lennon style round specs she had bought for almost nothing at the flea market. She was going to need them. Her eyes were still tired from the late night party. She hesitated for a moment between high heeled sandals and a pair of boots and, without too much thinking, opted for the good old comfortable leather and wool boots. She glanced at her reflexion in the mirror of the room, smiled, satisfied with her looks, and walked on tip toes to the doorway. Once on the beach, she walked, sat for a while, feeling the warm breeze on her face and her legs, watching the waves roll and clash, listening to the sea, the seagulls, the smell of the sea filling her nostrils. She closed her eyes, forgot about everything and became one with the nature around her.

“She had acquired some of his gypsy ways, some of his nonchalance, his bohemian indiscipline. She had swung with him into the disorders of strewn clothes, spilled cigarette ashes, slipping into bed all dressed, falling asleep thus, indolence, timelessness…A region of chaos and moonlight. She liked it there.” — Anaïs Nin

Pictures taken @ Black Basalt Beach

** Krystal **

DeeTaleZ Skin Around.The.World. Djuna European

by کτعғғ (steffi.villota)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

by Onyx LeShelle

pr!tty – LC – {Ombres}

by karla (karla.marama)

Shape by my darling Katerina ❤

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual

by Siddean Munro


Mesh Nails

Summer 20015 Solids – Mesh Nails HUD

by Zozicon

** Outfit **

!APHORISM! Glastonbury Boots – Chestnut

by Rucy Byron

Cae :: Phases :: Rings

by Cae (caelan.hancroft)

Gizza – Paper Rose Necklace – Mix

byGiz Seorn

*Mon Chéri* Boho Fringe Bag Forest Leather @ The Arcade unril June 30

by Ŧгєуα (freya.olivieri)

Petite Mort by insilvermoonlight

Black felt floppy hat

Lennon round specs @ The Wash ( only 10 ls ! along with a few awesome other items at 10 ls and one item at 50 ls )

Licorice Lyla dress Exclusive @ Some Like it Hot  until June 15

^^Swallow^^ Flying Bird Ring Black @ The Arcade unril June 30

by Lucia (luciayes.magic)

** Poses **

*EverGlow* – Girls 682

by Fanny Willis

Vanity Poses – Details 2

by Vanity Mirror

Vibe Organica 06 @ Shiny Shabby until June 15

by Keetja (journey.lorakeet)

Keep calm and Wear Black

*EverGlow* - Girls597 black outfit eaters coma monsoon miss chelsea uber *EverGlow* - GroupGift03 black arise face tattoo eaters coma noir indyra statement neclace miss chelsea uber EverGlow* - GroupGift07(F) miss chelsea uber eaters coma noir black indyra statement necklace monsoon sandals feet miss chelsea uber eaters coma black noir indyra deetalez

Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”
Coco Chanel

So I went shopping to Uber, which theme was all hindi and bright colors, and I found myself buying all things black. Black clothes, black hair, black shoes, black jewelry… and I started wondering “what is the matter with me ?”, then I realised maybe I just like black. And I thought of the blog posts I have made so far, and realised that the ones that are black brought me some sort of special satisfaction, I am fond of them a bit more than I am fond of the other ones. And I kept thinking. Becky keeps telling us that it is important to niche, and I really don’t know how to niche because as I always say I love all the things. So maybe keeping it dark would be a way to do things that are satisfying for me and it would be some sort of narrowing in the wide world of sl women’s fashion. It wouldn’t be specially gothic, even if it might end up being, at times. It would be my own interpretation of and variations around the black color. And I found Coco Chanel’s words encouraging. It won’t hurt to give it a try anyways. So I might try that for a few posts and see how it goes.

Pictures taken @ Gates to Nowhere

** Krystal **

.ARISE. Niobe Facetattoo (tintable) @ The Fantasy Collective until June 10th
by Hᴇʟɢᴀ (lonlysoule)

Skin Limited Edition “Dorothy” Nordic
BLACK Eyeliner G
Lips glitter BLACK
Eyeshadow greyish
by کτعғғ (steffi.villota)

Eaters Coma – HAIR 68 / NOIR @ Uber until June 23rd
by KUMII (kumii.yoshikawa)

IKON Promise Eyes – Storm
by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
by Onyx LeShelle

Nailed It – Maitreya – Dark Set
by Giela (giela.delpaso)

Shape by my darling Katerina ❤

[White~Widow] Midnight in Paris – @ Shiny Shabby until June 15
by Julie Hastings

.::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2014
by .::WoW Skins::. (sawsan.secretspy)
** Wearing **

{Indyra} Legend Statement Necklace
by Indyra Seigo

.miss chelsea. @ Uber until June 23rd
Cropped Harem Pants Black
Handkerchief Top Black
by Coral Lacey & Dave Freeman (davidefre)

[monso] My Flower Sandal – Black @ Uber until June 23rd
by Morphine Janick

.random.Matter. – Aridius Circlet – Gold/White
.random.Matter. – Norbu Rings – Black @ Uber until June 23rd
by ғᴏssʏ sɴᴏzʙᴇʀʀʏ (nikohl.hax)

[Tia] Voodoo – Bracers – BLACK
by Tia Biscuit
** Poses **

*EverGlow* –
Group Gift 03
Grou pGift 07
by Fanny Willis

Vanity Poses – Details 4
by Vanity Mirror

Happy Dear Shiny Shabby Time Again

shoeclose up dorothy deetalez tableau vivant ikon tableau vivant happy mood shiny shabby e clipse dorothy e clipse aqua dorothy shiny shabby may

As we speak, Shiny Shabby event is opening its gates for its May Round.

Shiny Shabby is specialised in vintage fashion and deco, and it is my absolute favourite event on the grid, it’s like my monthly Christmas. It opens on the 20 and I start getting excited around the 15, counting the days, then the hours, the minutes… and then it’s my happy hour, my monthly recreation, I enjoy myself immensely discovering the new treasures designers got out for us vintage lovers. And after each visit I come up with a post showing all my absolute favorite things of my favorite day. So that’s what you see here 🙂

I am in love with this outfit by E-Clipse, this ruffled shirt and jeans are just adorable and so sexy. This hair from Tableau Vivant, I have decided to get it for all my posing alts and do a hair family pic because I love it so much, it’s so cool and wild.

And then heels. I am a flat shoes girl in rl, I just don’t feel comfortable with anything that’s not completely flat but I do love heels, they’re pretty and sexy so in my Second Life I wear only heels, they look fab and you don’t have the hassle to having to walk with them ^^. I live in a city covered in cobblestones and each times I went out in heels I feared for my ankles. I look at the girls and ladies in heels like if they were supernatural goddesses with ultra powers lol. Anyways, all this to say I dig the Essenz high heelsI found.. guess where ?!

At Shiny shabbyyyyyyyy !!!!! 😀

I started dressing vintage when I was a teenager because I didn’t have money for designer clothes.
Dita Von Teese

Pictures Taken @ Happy Mood Forest

** Krystal **

Skin Limited Edition “Dorothy” Nordic
Eyeliner E BLACK
NATURAL Lip shades ( Shade 3)
by کτعғғ (steffi.villota)

IKON Promise Eyes – Aqua
by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)

Madrid Solo -Eye Makeup- Eye Dominance
by Madrid Solo

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
by Onyx LeShelle

Shape by my darling Markesia adjani ❤

~Tableau Vivant~ Fresh mess // Ladies – Naturals I
by M4ri1yn Magic

.::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2014
by .::WoW Skins::. (sawsan.secretspy)

{ZOZ}- Summer Swirl Polish (Maitreya) HUD
by Zozicon
** Wearing **

E-Clipse @ Shiny Shabby until June 15
Dorothy Jeans Avenues
Dorothy Shirt Acqua
by イђєイяα (thetra.blackheart)

Essenz – Cape Town (Cream) @ Shiny Shabby until June 15
by Senzati0n Domenitzo

** Poses **

..::Vibe::.. Organica @ Shiny Shabby Until June 15
BY Keetja (journey.lorakeet)

Their First Romantic Couple Portrait

female avatar fashion black top fields couple pose avatars love trust passion male avatar fashion grey leathe jacket jeans

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan
 I could very easily replace pixie dust by pixel dust in the context of this blog, no pun intended, Sir Barrie ^^. So it happened, Krystal and H a d e s had their first portrait taken together, I think they look very romantic holding each other with their crown of red leaves. So this is probably the beginning of a long series of romantic, loving, caring, sensual portraits, as I really enjoy doing these couple pictures. I like to make them look good together, it is like working on a double outfit instead of a single one and I am a girl like that, I enjoy some complexity in what I do. The challenge is to actually be able to take a picture before one of them crashes. My skinny macbook Air wasn’t happy when I started running on SL viewer with it, and now two ! So it goes on strike pretty quickly, I’ve got to be ready and move fast lol.
Pictures taken in “Just Another Tequila Sunrise
This owner of this sim created this space with photography in mind, and if you are so inclined, you can join the group in exchange for a 100ls fee and get rezz rights on the sim. So I joined and added it to my list of good blogging spots.
As always, I invite you to visit my Flickr page to see more and in a much higher resolution pictures.
** H a d e s **
7 Deadly s{K}ins – ELIJAH Walnut
by Moonspell Ghost
::Exile::Legend Naturals
by Kavar Cleanslate
IKON Charm Eyes – Burnt
by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)
.Pekka. German male shape
by Kathya Szczepanski
AvEnhance Feet Male Flat
AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
by Siddean Munro
** Wearing **
Addams // Bomber Quilted Jacket w/ Hoodie & Shirt // Grey @ The Mens Department until May 31
by AmaliaRainwood
The Mens Department until May 31
by ZlatanBLK Djannovic
not so bad . mesh . ZOLTAR jeans . dirty
@ The Mens Department until May 31
by Reda Bertolucci
** Krystal **
DeeTaleZ Skin Limited Edition “Dorothy” Nordic
by کτعғғ (steffi.villota)
::Exile::Miles to Nowhere Natural Fusion @Collabor88 until June 6
by Kavar Cleanslate
IKON Promise Eyes – Metal
by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)
Madrid Solo– Eyes & Lips- Shena- Full Set-Bronze
by Madrid Solo
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
by Onyx LeShelle
Shape by my darling Markesia Adjani ❤
.::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2014
by  .::WoW Skins::. (sawsan.secretspy)
** Wearing **
.ARISE. Medusa Piercing / All colors
by Hᴇʟɢᴀ (lonlysoule)
[BREATHE]-Mambo Heels-Nude&Black
@ The Chapter Four until May 31
by daisa Admiral
BUENO-Capri Pants-Cream @ Fameshed until May 27
by buenosl
Izzie’s – Stacked Gemstone Rings #1
by Izzie Button
Kibitz  @ The Secret Affair until June 14th
Glim cuffs – gold
Beads long necklace – gold
by Kathya Szczepanski
KITJA – Gwen Top BLACK @ The Chapter Four until May 31
by ᴋɪᴛᴊᴀ (kitja.rexie)
** Poses **
Le Poppycock Mindkilla @  The Mens Department until May 31
by Olivia Lalonde
an lar [poses] Like a Lady
by Kat (katya.valeska)
[DB]Poses – Trust