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Sweet Barbarella

Bauhaus Movement - Nikki N._001 1

Pose Bauhaus Movement Nikki N., La Belle Ingenue, Barbarella


Bauhaus Movement - Pretty Fae_001 1

Pose Bauhaus Movement Pretty Fae, La Belle Ingenue, Barbarella


Snapshot_502 1

Posing with my Favorite Designer ^^, La Belle Ingenue, Barbarella



Location: Hangars Liquides

Lumipro Lights

Poses by Bauhaus Movement



Body Belleza– Freya

Catwa Head Kimberly & Rigged Eyes

Izzie’s Yonder Eyes Applier @ Uber

Skin: Insol Candy Peach

TruthHair Randa



La belle .INGENUE. Barbarella Dress, Boots & Collar B. Freya

.the sugar garden. Invader Princess Raygun

LaGyo_Plastic Hearts Earrings – Pink


Kawaii United Patrol (KUP)

Snapshot_142 1


Snapshot_144 1


Snapshot_134 1


Lea is part of the KUP (Kawaii United Patrol). It is fun, really. All she has to do is roam the city at night and check on the other kawaii girls. If there is any trouble, she has her weapon of choice, the Pink Bubble Gum Blaster that will annihilate all the bad guys in seconds. Her wings are helpful because she can fly high above the city and have a good view of what’s going on, and they enable her to fly down fast as an eagle, should anything catch her attention. As for the outfit, well, it makes the villain’s jaw drop and that gives her time to shoot them with tons of bubble gum.

Now seriously 🙂

The artists without whom this post would not exist are:


Location : Hangars Liquides


! Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA !

Slink Hands Female – Gesture

*Epic* Succubus Star Devil Chibi Wings @ Suicide Dollz

.The Sugar Garden. Nails – Heart Tips

.The Sugar Garden. Invader Princess – CyberSuit Clear Pink RARE @ The Kawaii Project

.The Sugar Garden. Invader Princess – Raygun @ The Kawaii Project

.The Sugar Garden. Invader Princess – Helmet @ The Kawaii Project

+Spellbound+ Noir // Chapter III : Magic @ Suicide Dollz

SOMEMORE / SaeBom mesh head – RARE @ Sanarae

_CandyDoll_ Esme Boots White