Life After the Storm

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Lea was born only a couple years before the Big Storm. She could not remember the world as it was before before the apocalyptic incident. Her mother used to tell her stories of green pastures, apple trees and cool breezes, but for Lea they were only bedtime tales. In real life what existed was the permanent heavy hot air carrying sand, dust and whatever was on its way.

The young woman has to fight for her life every single day. She has to fight for food, water and survival. She learned to protect herself and doesn’t go out before sunset. Wandering in the daylight is too dangerous and she can hardly breathe when the sun is out. At night the temperature plunges and she needs to wear warmer clothes but at least she doesn’t risk to be grilled alive and the chemicals in the air are less aggressive in the cool night, although she needs to wear a mask at any time of the day to go out.


LOCATION: Unia (Madpea Game Sim until July 31. Creepy Desert Abandoned Town)



Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes Dew (left) & Kawaii (right)

Head: Catwa Alice

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Skin applier: [theSkinnery] Nana (Omega Mesh Head Applier) – honey @ C88

Hair: [DUE] Xiaohai

:Zombie Suicide: Laced Surgical Mask

Vinyl – Stirling Sleeves – Grey

Foxes – Festival – Tassled Tank – Weird @ C88

Shoes: Sweet Thing. Cyber Stompers – Noir

*MUKA* Thigh Socks

-Suicidal Unborn!- Kiss My Ass Shorts Black


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