The Mysterious Black Box

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When Lea went home after work Friday night she found a mysterious package on her living room coffee table. It was a black round box wrapped in a big black satin bow. There was an envelope on the box. She opened it, took out the handwritten card and read: “Dear Lea, please follow the instructions below carefully. Wear everything you will find in  the box. Do not wear anything else. Be ready at 9. A car will come and pick you up. Love. M.”

She put the card on the table and pulled on the silky bow to open the mysterious box. It was full of luxurious sensual clothes and accessories: a black stretchy dress with lovely lace decorations and a tiny black bow, a bit like the bow on the box. It made her think of M. unwrapping her and she shivered lightly. She kept looking. A wonderful pair of black platform leather shoes with laced heels. She couldn’t wait to try them on. Then she found a big damask posture collar, leather arm bands and a mask. All black.

Her eyes widened a little. She had been seeing M. for a while and she knew he was into some kinky stuff. And she might have mentioned occasionally that she would like to play along someday. But this took her by surprise. She would follow the flow anyways. What did she have to lose? A night home alone watching tv? She didn’t have too much time to think if she wanted to get ready. She took a shower, washed her hair and arranged it in a pretty up-do, then started getting dressed. The dress and the heels were amazing. She felt very sexy, very woman. She was going to pick some underwear in the drawer and remembered, “nothing else”. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. The dress was very tight. “Oh boy…”  She was putting on the leather bands and the collar when she heard the car parking in the driveway. She took the leather mask and finished adjusting it while going downstairs. This was certainly going to be an interesting evening.



Location: The Chamber


IKON Triumph Eyes – Armor

Le Forme
[LF] Dominatrix Mask BLACK BOX

MoDANNA [Ardeur Collection] Spiked Choker Damask Black

Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA

no.match ~ NO_WHISPER ~ BROWNS @ Hairology

..::PaperDolls::.. Soumise arm bands

Petite Mort @ Dark Style Fair May14-June1
Petite Mort- Ebony Selene dress
Petite Mort- Desdemonia SLINK HIGH

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture
Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

[theSkinnery] Nana (Omega Mesh Head Applier) – honey @ C88

The Sugar Garden Nails – Fiancee



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