Peace & Love @ The Beach


Snapshot  GLITTERATI - Cute - 8_001 1

Snapshot  Axix-- aria 8_001 1

Snapshot  Kuro in Motion - The wind_003 1

Snapshot  Le Poppycock-The Black Sheep_001 1

Today my Lea is a Peace and Love Doll, she has flowers in her hair and she is going to play Hotel California with her friends on the beach in her awesome tie dye shirt. She might just kiss that boy, too. And go for a swim in her pretty bikini. Not necessarily in that order. Oh, and everything looks soooo cool through her kaleidoscopic glasses!

So, word of the day: Make Love, not War. And don’t walk on the grass… 😉


The Trace Too


IKON Sovereign Eyes – Sky


Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture

Maitreya Mesh Body – LARA

[theSkinnery] Nana (Omega Mesh Head Applier) – toffee @ C88


Moon Elixir – Rekt – Shirt – Tie Dye NEW @ WHIMSICAL
Moon Elixir – Rekt – Glasses – Kaleidoscope NEW @ WHIMSICAL

ninety  guitar flower mix NEW @ WHIMSICAL

.Olive. Athena Hair – Brunettes NEW @ WHIMSICAL

MINIMAL – Freedom Necklace Gold NEW @ WHIMSICAL

fri.  Sophie Sandals (Mint) @ UBER

.THE SUGAR GARDEN. Nails – Paradise

*Just BECAUSE* Elegant Arm Cuffs @ FAMESHED GIFT

Cae :: Flutter :: Rings @ FAMESHED GIFT

SPELL : Two moons bracelet @ THE CHAPTER FOUR Gift

(Yummy) Layered Chain Choker – Gold
(Yummy) Eclipse Septum


The Little Black Dress

oOo moody black nyu umbral hydra isles vibe_Organica nyu tableau vivant black red Vanity Poses - Details 2 glam affair luna nailed it tableau vivant shoes red black sexy heels breathe

So I couldn’t blog black without making a little black dress post, right?! I found this one by Nyu at My Attic (there’s only two days left to go get some awesome and affordable stuff, by the way). It is the first time I wear Nyu and I really like this dress, it is simple, elegant, well cut, not too formal, pretty and sexy. I will definitely get more clothes from that creator. For the shooting I went to Umbral photography sim, and found what I was looking for inside the main building, a stage in an adult environment, with plenty of red and black to match my outfit. I also love how the hair color sort of “melts” from red to black and fusions with the black dress.

So I am having fun with my black experience. I went to creative writing workshops a few times, and really liked how the “rules” or “constraints” opened the imagination and increased creativity. I feel a bit the same about this color restriction. Instead of closing doors, it opens a whole unexpected universe.

There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.
― Bram Stoker, Dracula

Pictures taken @ Umbral, Hydra Isles
** Krystal **

Glam Affair
Luna skin – Asia Tone – 07 @ C88 until June 6
Couture Eyeliner no no.04
by Zoe Gloster

IKON Promise Eyes – Metal
by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)

Letis Tattoo :: Bohemian
by Leti Hax

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
by Onyx LeShelle

Nailed It – Maitreya – Dark Set
by Giela (giela.delpaso)

Shape by my darling Katerina ❤

~Tableau Vivant~ Babs – Blacks+Whites @ My Attic until May 31st
by M4ri1yn Magic

.::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2014
by .::WoW Skins::. (sawsan.secretspy)
** Outfit **

[BREATHE]-Ellie Heels-Black
by daisa Admiral

NYU – High Collar Dress, Black @ My Attic until May 31st
by 妞 (nyunyu.kimono)

(Yummy) Cleopatra Medusa & Septum – Gold @ N21 until June 11
by Polyester Partridge

** Poses **

oOo moody_one_alt
by Olaenka Chesnokov

Vanity Poses – Details 2
by Vanity Mirror

BY Keetja (journey.lorakeet)

In Black We Trust

an lar [poses] The Beauty Series - Elegance  gizza DB Poses Twilight gizza

reign Vanity Poses - Details ieqed glam affair

So, when I was writing my last post I was sort of thinking out loud about how I like black and how maybe keeping it black could be a possible way, maybe not to niche, but at least to narrow the portion of the SL fashion universe I work on. I gave it some more thought and decided to give the idea a try and to see where and how it goes from there. So I will be blogging black stuff, at least for a while, until I decide if I like it.

Inside that new “rule” I established a few mini rules. White is allowed. You know, Black and White. Red is allowed occasionally. You know, Red and Black. Colors in the hair, make up, accessories are allowed.

I have noticed one thing already: it makes shopping much easier. I am not good at picking one color, I kind of always want them all and have a hard time with choices. Now, pffft, no problem, I grab the black one and tadaaaa!

Think of what starlight
And lamplight would lack
Diamonds and fireflies
If they couldn’t lean against Black. . . .”
― Mary O’Neill, Hailstones and Halibut Bones


+elua+ Noah_Black pack @ Shiny Shabby until June 15
by Miu Edman

Glam Affair – Luna skin – Asia Tone – 07 @ C88 until June 6
by Zoe Gloster

IKON Promise Eyes – Storm
by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
by Onyx LeShelle

Nailed It – Maitreya – Dark Set
by Giela (giela.delpaso)

Shape by my darling Katerina ❤
** Wearing **

GizzA – Cathy Blazer Dress [Black] @ Shiny Shabby until June 15
byGiz Seorn

ieQED persephone.ring.set.obsidian @ Shiny Shabby until June 15
by Sigi (sigifaust)

*paper moon* Tropico Unisex Necklace – Antique Gold
by Sohma G. Dawling (sohma.dix)

BY Oրհεlἶმ Kεղმძεε X. Rεἶցղ (kenadeecole)

.::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2014
by .::WoW Skins::. (sawsan.secretspy)

(Yummy) Cleopatra Nose Ring – Gold @ N21 until June 11
by Polyester Partridge
** Poses **

an lar [poses] The Beauty Series – Elegance
by Kat (katya.valeska)

[DB]Poses – twilight
by Denny Ballyhoo

Vanity Poses – Details 2
by Vanity Mirror

Raid Your Closet Challenge 3.0 Week 2

DB POSES- Animation Pose10 of 28- Fashionista II_001


DB POSES- Animation Pose11 of 28- Fashionista III_001

I got distracted, for some reason ^^.

I was supposed to blog something for this challenge every week for a month and I forgot, I skipped a week. But hey. no biggie, right ? 🙂

So RYCC challenges you to blog only things that you bought prior to the current month, here anything before May 1st. It’s harder than I thought because I’m attracted to all the pretty shiny things that I just brought home! Plus I must confess I cheated a little. I just don’t want to take my Maitreya Lara mesh body ever again, so I didn’t, even f I purchased it recently. So anyway I took the plunge and started digging in my Left to Blog folder from last month and here is what I found. I think this tee shirt from Petite Mort is so cool ! ❤ witches !

Pictures were taken in Tarteland. That sim is just adorable. I spent some time taking pictures for a further post.

“Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.”
― Catherynne M. Valente, In the Night Garden

Pictures taken @ Tarteland

** Krystal **

Glam Affair – Alice Skin – Lovely Day [ America ] 07
by Zoe Gloster

IKON Lucid Eyes – Poison
by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
by Onyx LeShelle

.Pekka. Chloe Shape (Lara – Emma)
by Kathya Szczepanski

pr!tty – Bom
BY karla (karla.marama)

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual
by Siddean Munro

.::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2014
by .::WoW Skins::. (sawsan.secretspy)

-{ZOZ}- Natural Touch French Polish Huds – (Slink)
by Zozicon

** Outfit **

Bueno – Spring Skirt Floral
by buenosl

Essenz – Malaga (Brown)
by Senzati0n Domenitzo

Petite Mort– Fortune teller womens tee
by insilvermoonlight

(Yummy) Satin Bow & Pearls Set – White
BY Polyester Partridge

** Poses **

Fashionista II, Fashionista III
by Denny Ballyhoo

Orange Punch

Pose253 of 262- {Imeka} Kimbra - Pose 1_001

Pose256 of 262- {Imeka} Kimbra - Pose 4_001

.Birdy. Sienna Skin – Walnut

by Dani (nina.helix)

Glam Affair – Lucy shape
by Zoe Gloster

IKON Charm Eyes – Leonine
by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)

MINA – Elvira – Dark brown @ Fameshed until May 27
By MINA (mina.nakamura)

Slink Avenhance Feet High, Hands Casual
by Siddean Munro

.::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2014
by .::WoW Skins::. (sawsan.secretspy)

Jinx – Cuffed Denim Shorts – Ice @ Fameshed until May 27
Koko – Mesh – Half Crop Top – Orange Neon @ Uber until May 23
by Blueberry – Ƥιєяѕ (blueberryxx)

_CandyDoll_ Tricky Heels Essie Neon @ Uber until May 23
by CandyDoll™ (rebeca.dembo)

LUXE. ZigZag Bangle Pink @ Uber until May 23
by Khal Dover (jaycee.dover)

(Nylon Outfitters) Art Nails – Miami Sunset – @ Uber until May 23
by Nylon Pinkney

Noodles – Amore Belly Chain Gold @ Fameshed until May 27
by Natalee Bloom (natalee.oodles)

(Yummy) Neon Crystal Earrings & Necklace – Orange @ Uber until May 23
BY Polyester Partridge

Imeka Kimbra pose set
by Nati Williams

Made With Love

Soooo, there were some interesting developments in my freshly started blogger life. I think the most important was to find a solution for my photos. I absolutely love exploring SL, wander around, find a nice location, tune up the graphic settings and shoot my heart’s content. Unfortunately, my beloved Firestorm was letting me down and that was saddening and frustrating. My only computer is a MacBook Air and I LOVE it but it was all a bit too much and I got textures discarded messages and empty shots. That was a big deal. I asked for advice in the *splendid* SL Bloggers Support Group and someone ( I’m sorry I forgot who you are, if you read this, I thank you with all my heart ) told me about the Alchemy Viewer, that is pretty similar to FS but lighter on the machine. I had tried other viewers and they just made me want to cry so I tested Alchemy, did a whole photo shoot with the graphics settings ultra, shadows, antialiasing out there in the wild and it just worked as a charm. So now i use FS  for everything and when I am ready to shoot, I switch to Alchemy and tadaaaaa ! So I am a much happier blogger now 🙂

Phewww, that was some explaining huh, I really needed to get it off my chest.

The other topics are much lighter.

I was having issues when using Lumipro lighting, my hair looked greyish. And today I understood what was happening. It happens with the Mina hair  (which I love) with materials only. If I use the same hair without materials, it does not happen anymore. So YAY 2 blogger problems solved ! \o/

Last topic and then I’ll just flood you with pics and credits

I have been wearing a M shape for  while and I was pretty happy and content with it, and this time I decided to give a try to the L shape. Well, I did not feel so comfortable, and I had a serious hard time adjusting the slink hands and feet. I will return to my M shape and stick with it from now on.

OK. That’s all. I’m done babbling.

Le Poppycock-Half the sandwich_002

Bauhaus Movement - Charlotte_001 copy

Blueberry denim shorts_001

slink hands 2_001

slink hands 1_001

diamond yummy ecklace_001


toes nail polish_001

Now Let’s Give Back to Caesar what is Caesar’s

Pictures taken @  The Shire

*Krystal’s Body and Make Up*

Skin A.T.W. Djuna European
Freckles “Chocolate Splits”
Makeup BLACK Eyeliner A
Makeup Brows THIN hair BROWN
Makeup Eyeshadow purplish
Makeup NATURAL Lip shades 3
Made With Love by کτعғғ (steffi.villota)

Glam Affair – Lucy shape
Made With Love by Zoe Gloster

IKON Sovereign Eyes – Starfall
Made With Love by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)

MINA – Kaya – Essentials @ KUSTOM 9
Made With Love by MINA (mina.nakamura)

AvEnhance Feet Female Flat
AvEnhance Hands Female Casual
Made With Love by Siddean Munro

::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2014 Lashes 2
Made With Love by .::WoW Skins::. (sawsan.secretspy)

-{ZOZ}- Glitter Stars Polish Huds – (Slink)
Made With Love by Zozicon

*Krystal’s Outfit*
Blueberry – Cossy – Denim Ripped Shorts – Faded Light @ 100 BLOCK FASHION FAIR UNTIL APRIL 30
Made With Love by Blueberry – Ƥιєяѕ (blueberryxx)

::C’est la vie !:: Naye vest(blue) @ SHINY SHABBY UNTIL MAY 15
Made With Love by Larcoco Ragu (larcoco.mathy)

REIGN AVIAN SANDALS BLACK @ The Season Story until April 30

Made With Love by Oրհεlἶმ Kεղმძεε X. Rεἶցղ (kenadeecole)

(Yummy) Open Heart Pendant – Gold – White @ No21 Until May 11
Made With Love by Polyester Partridge

!bang slink hands 1
Made With Love by Luna Jubilee

Bauhaus Movement – Charlotte
Made With Love by LouLou Hill (loulou.teichmann)
*can’t find the store, if someone does, please kindly let me know*
//elephante poses// Once Upon A Dream #3

Made With Love by Mєяidα (melissajeanne.flores)

Le Poppycock-Half the sandwich
Made With Love by Olivia Lalonde

SLC Close Up
Made With Love by manmoth Nishi

Alchemy Viewer

My Preciousssss…
Lumipro Hud and Lights
Made With Love by Stefan Buscaylet
Edited With Flare 2 for Mac

Aaaaand… The Blogger at Work Bonus Pic 😉

Blogger @ Work_001

tarte. crate seat (light)
Made With Love by Alessandra Ambrosio (alixxbella)

Scarlet Creative – For Eku The Retreat Prefab
Made With Love by Charlotte Bartlett

[ keke ] @ Shiny shabby March Round
glass vase w magnolias – blush
peonies – blush
Made With Love by ᴋᴇᴀɴ ᴋᴇʟʟʏ (kean.kelly)

*ionic* Forever Changes {poster} @ Shiny shabby March Round
Made With Love by lakua Arriaga

BananaN @ The Neighbourhood Today
Couche stool crooked pink
Couche stool blue
Made with Love by Banana Mellow

=Zenith=Vintage Fancy Little End Table – RARE @ Shiny Shabby until May 15
Made With Love by 喵 仙 人 (miffyhoi.rosca)

Made With Love by Stefan Buscaylet
* There. Done. Thank you so much for reading 🙂 Hope you survived. Please come back

Rebel, Rebel

KaTink - Haute 10_001

(marukin) [dolce vita] blue woman_001


Infiniti . - Handy 14_001

Le Poppycock-Truth or dareBIS_001





Listening to David Bowie’s Rebel, Rebel ( Love his pants *giggles* )

Hi guys !

OK, sooooo, back into my comfort zone *snuggles tight in her vintage stuff*

More stuff from Shiny Shabby in this post. Did I mention I *love* Shiny shabby ? 🙂 I also visited No21 and there is some really cool stuff there. I found hair, jewelry and a denim mini skirt by Blueberry ( Lamb hair and Yummy jewelry are featured in this post, *Blueberry mini skirt coming soon*)

I put on this outstanding dress and jeans jacket from E-Clipse (found @ Shiny Shabby) and built the outfit from there. For the photos I went to a place called Virtual Decay that is really awesome if you’re looking for a dark grunge urban environment for your pictures. I am also playing with a new skin and make up from DeeTaleZ *insert happy face* and how cool is this Black Cat Nail Art from ZoZ ? ^^

Now Let’s Give Back to Caesar what is Caesar’s


DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Djuna European

BY کτعғғ (steffi.villota)

IKON Sovereign Eyes – Chocolate

by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)

Glam Affair – Lucy shape
by Zoe Gloster


AvEnhance Feet Mid

AvEnhance Hands Casual
by Siddean Munro

Lamb. Haze – Ombre Pack @ No21 until May 11

BY Lamb Bellic


Makeup BLACK Brows paint medium

Makeup BLACK Eyeliner E Makeup BLACK Lips glitter

Makeup Eyeshadow greyish.

BY کτعғғ (steffi.villota)

::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2014 Lashes 1

BY .::WoW Skins::. (sawsan.secretspy)

E-Clipse Zara Jeans Black @ SHINY SHABBY UNTIL MAY 15

BY イђєイяα (thetra.blackheart)


by Oրհεlἶმ Kεղმძεε X. Rεἶցղ (kenadeecole)

(Yummy) To The Moon & Back Bracelet – Gold @ No21 until May 11

BY Polyester Partridge


TAIGA Necklace

by 菊之介王子 (kikunosuke.eel)

-{ZOZ}- Black Cat – Natural Polish Huds – (Slink)
by Zozicon



BY Brandi Monroe


Dolce vita, Blue Woman
by valalalala (valencia.southard)

ELEPHANTE For the First Time

by Mєяidα (melissajeanne.flores)

Katink Haute 10

by Maliah Aviatik Morane (maliah.naidoo)

My Personal Photo Assistant :


by Stefan Buscaylet

(Everyday I wonder how I could live six years without my beloved Lumipro. It helps me with the light, the poses and the eyes position, and all that easy pea in just a few clicks). Thank you, thank you, thank you, Stefan !

Photos Edited with Flare 2 for Mac

The Gothic Beauty

Snapshot 7 HAZARDOUS marukin) [dolce vita] regal queen_001

Snapshot 6 HAZARDOUS BANG STAND 397_001

Snapshot 5 HAZARDOUS BANG STAND 397_001

Wearing a delicate white lace dress to go explore the end of the second world: check 😉

I really enjoyed the mix and match and the contrasts, between the white lace and the big tattoo, the virginal dress in a dark environment… I had fun YAY

Now Let’s Give Back to Caesar what is Caesar’s

Photos taken @ Hazardous

!APHORISM! Inanna Dress – Wild Flower – White
by Rucy Byron

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
by Siddean Munro

Glam Affair – Lucy shape
Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.02
by Zoe Gloster

..Birdy. Ali Vip skin – Pure ❤ FREE GROUP GIFT * FREE TO JOIN
by Dani (nina.helix)

{ DATUM } Wild Child tattoo @ The 100 Block Fashion Fair until April 30
BY Ɱιa Ƙaтja ẠvιⱮorane .ღ. (naomimia)

POETIC COLORS Opal Eyes – Ice Age
BY Lano Ling-Whitfield (lano.ling)

(Yummy) Heart Locket Bracelet – Silver Filigree
(Yummy) Miss Havisham’s Broken Heart
BY Polyester Partridge

FINESMITH – indonesia Ring- Sapphire
BY yula Finesmith

.::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2014
BY .::WoW Skins::. (sawsan.secretspy)

pr!tty – Sarah – {Browns} Boxed @ THE SEASONS STORY until April 30
BY karla (karla.marama)

[LA BOHEME Rasa White] *Slink* Manicure & Pedicure @ The 100 Block Fashion Fair until April 30

BY Santana Lumiere


!bang – stand 397
BY Luna Jubilee

BY valalalala (valencia.southard)
rebuilding mainstore at the moment and no MP

Being a Rock Star ( that was seriously fun :)










So today I had lots of fun working a crowd, singing my heart out and living the rock star life.

I found this awesome concert stage to play with here.

I was happy to get back home at the end of the day though 🙂

– Glam Affair – Lucy shape

-Glam Affair – Amberly Skin – Lovely Day [ Jamaica ] 01 @ C88 March 2015

TRUTH HAIR Elisha – black & whites

Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant

*COCO*_FringeJacket_Black @ Fameshed April 2015

Blueberry Serala – Flare Jeans – Midnight @ Biker’s Choice Fair

REIGN.- Peep Toe Wedges- Black @ Fameshed April 2015

(Yummy) Dazzle Set – Obsidian

(Yummy) Magic Hour Pendant

(Yummy) Pool Side Shades

GCD – Hand Held Microphone with Animations (v1.1 – Boxed)

Rock Star poses Marketplace

-Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.04

IKON Immortal Eyes – Oak

Being Green (and loving it)





























Today I had a long walk in a beautiful place called Calas Galadhon. You seriously have to visit if you’re into nature, it’s a series of  natural parks and they’re just wonderful. You can wander for hours and enjoy the peace and quiet and the beauty. I am sure I will go back there many many times, so you will probably see more of it in my pictures 🙂

For my walk I was wearing:

-Glam Affair – Alice Skin – Lovely Day [ Artic ] 06 @ C88 March round

– Glam Affair – Lucy shape

Clawtooth: LUSH (Exquisite Reds Pack) @ Fameshed April Round

Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant

IKON Lucid Eyes – Poison

-Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.02

:Valentina.e. What Now My Love Paisley Dress Teal @ Shiny Shabby March Round

!Rebel Hope – Spring Fling Mesh Wedge Grass@ Fameshed April Round

[MANDALA]KYARA_Bangle set_Lobeke

[MANDALA]KYARA_Jewelry set_Forest

(Yummy) Boho Ring Set – Green

beauty by alaskametro<3 Slink manicure/pedicure – “Vamp/Gold”

Being a Boho ( not a Boohoo ;)



















So I have not been around sl for a while and when I come back, everything went hyppygypsyhoboish, which is fine with me, I just love that stuff. So I dove in happily.

Oh, by the way, I took these pictures in Petite Mort‘s sim, it is a store full of gorgeousness in a beautiful sim, I grabbed demos and stuff and can’t wait to unpack and try play paperdolls with what I found there 🙂

Shape Hush Holiday

Skin –Glam Affair – Alice Skin – Lovely Day [ America ] 07 @ C88 March Round

Hands Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant

Eyes IKON Sovereign – Silverleaf

Skirt {Reverie} Honey Pie Skirt – Olive @ Shiny Shabby (lovely event in my opinion)

“”D!va”” Hair “Nene” (Cat’s eye) @ Shiny Shabby

Shoes Essenz – Bali (Cream)

Bangles Mandala KYARA_Bangle set Lobeke

::C’est la vie !:: Mee Ruffled tankTop (flower orange) mesh@ Shiny Shabby

*Mon Chéri* Gypsy Beads Earrings #Mint Brown

(Yummy) Boho Ring Set – Turquoise