In the Gardens of Martyrium






Again, I had a very cool photographic experience around the Martyrium build from +SEMPITERNAL by %anxiety. 

When I decided to make a post featuring Martyrium, it seemed pretty fast forward at first. Then I rezzed it and quickly realized that this was going to be challenging. I was going to have to create an environment for it. At first I thought maybe something very cold and formal. Or hot, kind of lost in the desert or something :D. But I didn’t like any of those. Then I pulled a tree out of my hat (you can never go wrong with a tree). Another. Grass. More trees. Flowers. Butterflies. Sunny bubbles. A joyous, bucolic, tender, happy, and peaceful garden was born. Martyrium looked so nice in it. It felt like home. Then I had to be a pretty summer flower too. Finally the rewarding part where I got to pose and shoot feeling pretty, fresh and playful in my little Martyrium garden world. I took a few pictures inside but really couldn’t stay too long because I felt too claustrophobic. Now the question: is this thing straight or is it not ? I’d say it depends on the pictures… or it moves around 😀

In the end, another beautiful SL photo adventure with %anxiety 🙂



Martyrium +Sempiternal+ by %anxiety



*alirium*  hazy butterfly, nanohana, Oberon [LightGreen], yoshino

+Half-Deer+ English Ivy

Garden- by anc “harugasumi” SAKURAtree

Heart Garden Center Harmony Meadows: Buffalo Grass, Common Rush,  Daisies & Wild Poppies

HPMD* Bright Particle




CATWA HEAD Kimberly v3.0

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

Insol Mia Creme Skin

.Entwined. Alison Hair



Vinyl – Frankie Dress

LaGyo Lotus Hat – Red & Owl earrings Gold

Bauhaus Movement – Bella Bracelet

Kibitz – Rae rings maitreya & Rae gold necklace

(Yummy) Lace Bangle


Poses by Bauhaus Movement



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