So here comes my confession ^^

I am obsessed. I have been obsessed with Second Life for the last 7 years, sometimes less, sometimes more, but I always come back to it even though sometimes I need a break.

With time, my obsessions inside SL have changed. Love came and love went, I spent some time roleplaying a Master/Slave relationship, being a vampire and blooming into a clan Queen, roleplaying in Gor, you name it… the obsessions changed, but they were always there.

The only obsession that remained since day one and never left me is… of course… shopping. That is one steady obsession. I still remember my first days hoarding thousands of freebies that clugged my inventory for at least 3 years, then the joy of having found the way to get some linden dollars and actually buying things… a skin at Laq, a dress at Indyra, nice heels… I have never stopped buying clothes, skins, hair, shoes, eyes… ever since. Have you ? 🙂

With the years obsessions changed, but I never grew tired of buying pretty things and dressing up my avatar, which I like to call playing paperdolls. I do it over and over and over again. I buy something I like, then build a head to toe outfit from there, including clothes, eyes, hair, shoes, skin, jewelry. And when I’m done… I start over again… and again… and again… If I had to describe my style, I would say I am casual most of the time. I am a brought up by hippies jeans-tee shirt-flats kind of girl, and I think I’m a bit like that when it comes to dress my avatar. Casual-pretty dresses-boho-hippy-ish with a liking for gothic-punk-dark-ish things (and I might pull a gown off my sleeve occasionaly just because I have decided to be a princess that day). Oh and I love heels. They’re just so pretty and on SL you don’t have to sprain your ankles to walk with them. I love that. That and teleport! Isn’t teleporting absolutely amazing? Personally, it is the first thing that brought me joy in SL. Now you have to know I’m a bit silly.

Exploring Second Life is also something I enjoy, visiting new sims (there are some wonderful creations out there), and I’d rather take my avatar on a journey to find a nice shooting spot, than taking studio pictures, even though I will take shots right in my home occasionally.

I also love taking pictures, that has also been a steady obsession. It started when I was a six year old suntanned wild kid and continued ever since… I need to take pictures. I have had times in my life when I couldn’t for a reason or another, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I also studied photography and video for a few years in an earlier stage of my life, when photography was still made with rolls and in dark rooms with all kinds of stinky products. So it was a bit like witch and magic school. You shook up potions and images appeared.

So a while ago, I thought I might as well start a Second Life blog, where I could share my obsessions/passions for shopping, dressing up my avatar, exploring second life and taking pictures altogether and tadaaaa, this blog was born!

Reader, as Jane Eyre would say (oh, right, I also have an obsession with literature, so the occasional words, quotes… inspired posts might appear here and there), thank you so much for your attention, I hope you enjoy your visit 🙂



Inworld : NC or IM Lea Rage

Flickr : Lea Rage


2 thoughts on “Obsessed

    1. Hey there, Ever! I am glad to know someone read my rambling. I just tried to explain what makes me do all this. And thank you so much for showing this blog some love and likes and comments, you rock! ❤ ❤

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