A Stroll on Black Basalt Beach

*EverGlow* - Girls petite mort black basalt beach sl second life avatar fashion aphorism chestnut glastonbury Vanity Poses details lennon specs petite mort gizza swallow arcade vibe organica black basalt beach petite mort petite mort sl second life black basalt beach lennon specs

Krystal woke up before everyone and decided to go out for a stroll on the beach. It was a nice spring day, a bit cloudy but warm enough to wear her knit, lace and cotton dress. She had inherited it from her mother and had transformed it to make it much shorter. She liked her dresses to be cut high above the knee. She grabbed her favorite black felt hat and put on her sunglasses. She loved those Lennon style round specs she had bought for almost nothing at the flea market. She was going to need them. Her eyes were still tired from the late night party. She hesitated for a moment between high heeled sandals and a pair of boots and, without too much thinking, opted for the good old comfortable leather and wool boots. She glanced at her reflexion in the mirror of the room, smiled, satisfied with her looks, and walked on tip toes to the doorway. Once on the beach, she walked, sat for a while, feeling the warm breeze on her face and her legs, watching the waves roll and clash, listening to the sea, the seagulls, the smell of the sea filling her nostrils. She closed her eyes, forgot about everything and became one with the nature around her.

“She had acquired some of his gypsy ways, some of his nonchalance, his bohemian indiscipline. She had swung with him into the disorders of strewn clothes, spilled cigarette ashes, slipping into bed all dressed, falling asleep thus, indolence, timelessness…A region of chaos and moonlight. She liked it there.” — Anaïs Nin

Pictures taken @ Black Basalt Beach

** Krystal **

DeeTaleZ Skin Around.The.World. Djuna European

by کτعғғ (steffi.villota)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

by Onyx LeShelle

pr!tty – LC – {Ombres}

by karla (karla.marama)

Shape by my darling Katerina ❤

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual

by Siddean Munro


Mesh Nails

Summer 20015 Solids – Mesh Nails HUD

by Zozicon

** Outfit **

!APHORISM! Glastonbury Boots – Chestnut

by Rucy Byron

Cae :: Phases :: Rings

by Cae (caelan.hancroft)

Gizza – Paper Rose Necklace – Mix

byGiz Seorn

*Mon Chéri* Boho Fringe Bag Forest Leather @ The Arcade unril June 30

by Ŧгєуα (freya.olivieri)

Petite Mort by insilvermoonlight

Black felt floppy hat

Lennon round specs @ The Wash ( only 10 ls ! along with a few awesome other items at 10 ls and one item at 50 ls )

Licorice Lyla dress Exclusive @ Some Like it Hot  until June 15

^^Swallow^^ Flying Bird Ring Black @ The Arcade unril June 30

by Lucia (luciayes.magic)

** Poses **

*EverGlow* – Girls 682

by Fanny Willis

Vanity Poses – Details 2

by Vanity Mirror

Vibe Organica 06 @ Shiny Shabby until June 15

by Keetja (journey.lorakeet)


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