Today I am a Jungle Flower

Le Poppycock Paper moon jungle flower tropico exotic sl second lifeLe Poppycock Paper moon jungle flower tropico exotic sl second life

When I started this post, I had decided to blog something from *paper moon*. She said in her description that her store was eclectic and that intrigued me and made me want to know more. I thought “eclectic”, that would be a good definition for me too. I keep saying that I like all the things, right?! So I visited papermoon store and was delighted to see that I could choose between being a cyber neon girl, a punkette, a lamp guy, an indian princess, a witch, a tropical flower (which as you can see I went for) etc, etc… I really enjoyed that and had fun being a wild rainforest orchid the rest of the day. The dress is delightful and has a hud to change textures, so you get to be all kinds of pretty flowers ^^.

Pictures taken @ Fruit Islands Tropical Rainforest

Listening to Emiliana Torrini Jungle Drum
** Krystal **

[Entwined] April – Naturals B @ Shiny Shabby until June 15
BY ʟᴀɪʀ (vivienmarli)

Glam Affair – Luna skin – Exotic – Simply Girl –
by Zoe Gloster

IKON Sovereign Eyes – Chocolate
by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)

Madrid Solo– Lips- Soft Kisses 3
by Madrid Solo

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
by Onyx LeShelle

Shape by my darling Markesia adjani ❤
** Wearing **

*paper moon*
Tropico Belt – Maroon
Tropico Dress
Tropico Unisex Necklace & Bracelet Set – Antique Gold
by Sohma G. Dawling (sohma.dix)

** Poses **

Le Poppycock
Beginner’s Luck
In my Mind
by Olivia Lalonde


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