Introducing * H a d e s M o n k * , my Male Avatar

male avatar close up portrait face

[DB]Poses Fashionmista male avatar fashion tmd the mens department

“When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.”
— Mark Twain

So, I am very new at blogging, even though I have been around Second Life for around six years now. And a young poses company, [DB]Poses, trusted me enough to make me one of their bloggers ( thank you so much, Denny Ballyhoo, for being my first sponsor ). This came as a surprise, as I never thought I would blog poses. But it happened and it makes me very happy, and I am truly enjoying myself as the possibilities are infinite and I happen to like that.

The poses review copies started arriving, and among them, single female and male poses, and couple poses for lovers and friends. Which made me want to try everything, instead of doing only the female single poses. So I got a couple old avatars back, and after a complete make over ( this guy looked scary in his 2009 freebies lol ) they became decent enough to be photographed and blogged. The Mens Department is a blessing when you don’t know anything about men’s fashion in Second life. In fact, I thought  H a d e s  looked so sexy I married him haha :D. So from now on, you might see posts including Krystal Klear, F o x y g i r l   S o n g  and  H a d e s   M o n k.

I have worked with two avatars on the post Feelings already. This is new for me, as I wasn’t used to shoot two avatars at once, and I have a lot to learn about how to use Lumipro to do that. When I did the credits for this post, I was amazed at how easy is it to credit a guy’s details, no make up, jewelry,etc, that make the girl’s credits so much longer (although H a d e s has lashes that I bought accidentally on the Marketplace, not knowing I was on his account lol, it can be confusing to work with three different avatars).

** H a d e s **

7 Deadly s{K}ins – ELIJAH Walnut
by Moonspell Ghost

::Exile::Legend Naturals
by Kavar Cleanslate

IKON Charm Eyes – Burnt
by uoʞı (ikon.innovia)

.Pekka. German male shape
by Kathya Szczepanski

** Wearing **

Scars… @ The Mens Department
U neck T-shirts [Black / White]
Shirring sarouel pants ver.2 [Black]
by Sin Knoller

Mesh – Sneaker BENITO (Black) – REDGRAVE @ The Mens Department
by Emilia Redgrave

** Poses **

Le Poppycock – Mindkilla @ The Mens Department
by Olivia Lalonde

[DB]Poses – Fashionmista
by Denny Ballyhoo


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