Being Springy







I visited The Seasons Story event (it opens today) and I really found a lot of things that I loved.

I would have blogged a few complete outfits but I pay for the things I blog so here is what I picked ^^

Now let’s give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s

Elua Miriam Hair Variety A Pack @ The Seasons Story

Muka Lazy Jumpsuit Pack 1 @ The Seasons Story

[ keke ] magnolia trees – pink @ The Seasons Story

Glam Affair Lucy Shape

Birdy Sienna Skin Walnut

IKON Sovereign Eyes Deep Hazel

Slink Avenhance Elegant Hands and Flat Feet

Maitreya Gold Cognac Antheia Sandals

Half Deer Painted Rustic GoldfishBangle and Wooden Savannah Gazelle Necklace

Trompe Loeil – The Dreaming House V1.1 [mesh]

Turnip‘s Skydome 2.0


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